The Future Of Interior Design

The Future Of Interior Design

Since the beginning of time, architecture and interior design have been subject to perpetual change. It is inspired by culture, tradition, changing values of the society and fleeting trends that change over time. So how is interior designing in the twenty-first century changing, and what does the future of this industry look like?

It’s hard to predict what the future exactly holds, but given the rapid innovation in design and construction technology, we can try to pinpoint where we’ll be in the next five decades. Further down, let’s look at what we think might be in store for use a few years down the lane when it comes to interior design:

The Role of technology

home interior design smart technology

Even today, the general population is embracing the impact of technological advancement in interior design quite well. The concept of smart houses is gaining forward momentum. Homes are getting automated, eco-friendly designs are becoming pretty common and 3d software’s are revolutionizing the way we handle our designs.

Even at Home Guide, we have the innovative Home 360o software that can help clients visualize the final product accurately. In such ways, technological advancement has already started revolutionizing this industry. Interior design services are becoming highly efficient, and even with the changing times, the role of technology is only going to enhance both the client and designer experience in this field.

Innovative Social Media Platforms

interior design ideas bathroom design

While many people considered interior design a luxury in the past, social media ventures like Instagram and Pinterest have been normalizing this field brilliantly. There are innumerable pictures and pages on these sites and apps that help people collect their ideas in easy ways. There are websites like Houzz that list not only ideas but help people educate themselves in the field of design. Websites like Modsy and Qanvast help people purchase furniture items and get inspired by beautiful home designs.

The internet has radically transformed the way we deliver all interior design services. Clients are no longer dependent on only the designers to articulate their ideas. Now they can make idea books of their own. This process is only going to become more inherent in the distant future.

3D Printing

home interior design 3d printing plan

Remember when some designs used to be too complicated to be realized in actuality? No more of that. 3D Printing is the newest darling of the interior design world, and the rapid advancement in this technique is ensuring that we get to deliver ideas that were previously impossible.

The development in the 3D printing industry has been so great and revolutionary that many professionals believe that we might be on the cusp of another industrial revolution. It has been cutting down the costs of labor and materials and is infinitely more efficient. Interior designers all over the world have been benefitting from its advantages. While the 3D Printing technology is past the prototype phase, it is believed that it will become even more commonly used in the future.

New Materials

natural wood for home interior design in singapore

Just in the previous decade, we’ve created newer, more efficient and environmentally friendly products to articulate innovative interior designs. We have several alternatives for natural wood. Entire walls can be constructed out of glass boxes and later-cutting technology has ensured that parametric design becomes quite a norm.

Not only that, but we also have SIPs, innovative wall systems, indoor vertical gardens and recycled composite materials that are making contemporary interior design infinitely more efficient, cutting-edge and eco-friendly.

Home Guide Designs have seen and kept up with the leaps and bounds in the interior design industry since its impressive twenty year old start, and will continue to deliver the best, concurrent designs even in the future.

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