The HDB Guide to Proper Home Maintenance

The HDB Guide to Proper Home Maintenance

HDB apartment owners in Singapore have certain rights but a few responsibilities come alongside the possession of such a flat. The HDB has issued guidelines for the proper care and home maintenance. If you’ve just moved into a HDB apartment or you’re considering a home renovation project, you should definitely get yourself acquainted with the home care guide that the board has put together.

HVAC and Air Conditioner Maintenance

The improper installation of air conditioners in Singapore comes with serious penalties and even jail time if an issue with an AC unit leads to accidents or injuries.

As the apartment owner, you have to make sure that all air conditioners are installed properly by licensed professionals. Once you’ve dealt with the installation, you’ll be left with regular maintenance and filter cleaning.

You can carry out a simple inspection to make sure AC units are installed properly. The unit should be mounted on a concrete or a brick wall. The stainless steel brackets holding the unit in place have to be free of rust or corrosion.

Inside the apartment, take a look at the placement of the AC brackets. They should not enter into wood or a timber frame.

If you notice an issue, consult a professional immediately. You’re responsible for the safety of your HVAC installation, which is why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a warning sign.

Windows and Doors

As per HDB recommendations, check the condition of your windows every six months.

There are specific guidelines for the inspection of each window type – aluminium, wooden casement windows, adjustable and fixed louvred windows. For best results, hire a home renovation team in Singapore to look for defects or problems.

The HDB has specific regulations that windows have to comply with. Buildings completed or renovated after 2000 will usually comply with these requirements. If your HDB apartment building was constructed earlier than that, chances are that you’ll need to have the windows replaced.

HDB does not have that strict of a set of requirements for the maintenance of apartment doors. You may want to change or upgrade doors for aesthetic purposes or whenever you’re experiencing opening/closing difficulties. For best results, choose a Singapore interior design company to pick the right doors that will be functional and that will fit inside the home interior theme.

Floor Finishes and Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance can prolong the life of your floors, regardless of the finish you’ve chosen.

Some of the common problems you’ll have to deal with in the case of tiled floors include loosened tile grout joints, broken tiles, stains, dislodged tiles and cracking. HDB-licensed home renovation teams will know how to address all of these issues in the best possible way.

In the case of parquet floors, you may have to deal with discolouration, open gaps, hollow spaces, bulging and water damage.

Once again, you should invest in professional inspections and maintenance. Having residential contractors checking the condition of your floor periodically is going to be much less expensive than needing a specific issue fixed.

Apart from dealing with problems, you can easily prolong the lifespan of your floors through a few simple steps.

For tiled floors, do regular mopping to prevent dirt and dust buildup. You should also consider attaching rubber soles to the legs of movable furniture to prevent scratches and picking the right tile cleaning product to ensure a shiny, polished finish.

In the case of parquet floors, get in the habit of drying surfaces after mopping, ventilating rooms properly to prevent moisture buildup and installing soft padding or rubber soles to the legs of movable pieces of furniture.

Proper Wall Maintenance

The HDB recommends a range of preventative measures to avoid some of the most common problems affecting the condition of apartment walls.

Maintaining the flat properly ventilated is one of the biggest essentials. The accumulation of moisture inside can lead to a wide range of problems – from mould formation to peeling walls and even cracks.

Getting walls re-painted regularly is another essential. A fresh coat of paint with a new colour scheme will transform the appearance of your apartment and and the same time can prevent  an array of common issues.

If you’re already dealing with a wall problem, you should get in touch with an HDB licensed team to have the wall assessed and repaired in the best possible way.

Cracks along the joints in the block wall and reinforced concrete elements are one of the most common wall-related issues. The reason for such issues is simple – different material will expand and contract differently on the basis of temperature changes. Over time, the movement will contribute to wall damage and cracks.

Hairline cracks are more of an aesthetic problem. Applying a fresh coat of paint over them will renew the appearance of the flat’s interior.

Wider cracks will necessitate some filling and repair work.

Hire Singapore interior design professionals to take a look at the issue and figure out if repainting the wall will be sufficient to overcome the cracking.

While these are some of the most important HDB home maintenance recommendations, there’s a whole host of other suggestions you can benefit from as an apartment owner. The complete home maintenance guide is available on the official HDB website.

If you don’t have the knowledge or the experience to inspect and maintain the different elements inside your home, you should seek professional assistance.

Hiring an interior designer or a home renovation company will cost you a lot less than ignoring the issue and having to solve it after it’s become a major problem. In addition, if you postpone maintenance projects, you may have to deal with costly HDB fines in the future.

Home Guide is an HDB licensed interior design company that can advise you about the best maintenance measures and the projects that will result in regulatory compliance. In addition, you will benefit from a comfortable living space that meets all of your expectations.

Contact us today to have your HDB flat examined or to begin a renovation project quickly and efficiently.

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