The Holidays Are Coming: Inspiring Store Interior Design Ideas

The Holidays Are Coming: Inspiring Store Interior Design Ideas

Bringing the Holiday spirit into your retail location – that project is so much fun but you also need to be strategic about it.

The Holiday season is characterised by a ton of shopping. Thus, your special displays should look festive and enticing. When people like the abundance and the product selection, they’re more likely to get in, take a look around the store and buy something.

Both the window display and the retail interior design you choose for the Holidays matter. You should be focusing on marketing and a fresh read of the Christmas theme. If you’re looking for some cool and inspiring ideas, here’s our selection for the end-of-year celebrations in 2019.

Tell a Story

Holiday décor isn’t enough to get people inspired. Work with your Singapore interior designer to come up with a specific story and tell it through the interior design choices you make.

Santa’s workshop is one very specific story you can easily tell by doing the window display and organising the products isles in the store. You can also tell the story of Christmas around the world or you can have the entire store décor inspired by Christmas cookies.

Alternatively – choose a well-known Christmas movie that’s in line with your retail strategy and use its most memorable components to put together a decorative display.

Having a story or a specific theme to anchor your décor on will result in a much more cohesive concept than just attempting to celebrate the Holidays through the interior design choices you make.

An Alternative Christmas Tree

The traditional Christmas tree has really undergone a massive transformation. You don’t really need to feature an actual representative of the coniferous tree species to tell people it’s the Holiday season.

In fact, retailers across the globe have been modernising the concept. If you have a small bookshop, for example, you can create a beautiful “Christmas tree” out of colourful books.

There are also modern and minimalist versions of the Christmas tree that will be ideal for more sophisticated and upscale retail venues. These can be crafted from various materials – stainless steel, copper wire, cardboard, plastic or even a decorative lampshade or a chandelier.

An interpretative version of a traditional Christmas element speaks of originality and it gets people curious about the store. Continue the theme through the window display and the central product display to make the interior design consistent and truly eye-catching.

Monochromatic Holidays (or Single Material Décors)

Going for just one colour will give you a very stylish interior that’s beautiful and shiny but still allowing products to be the main star of the display. Go for one colour in all of your decorations, especially if the colour is somewhat tied to your brand identity.

Alternatively, you can opt for decorations made of a single material. Unpainted cardboard displays, for example, are super fun and modern. They’re also cheap to create, as long as you have the right stencils.

The addition of some lights will take your monochromatic decorations up a notch.

Interactive Decorations

Choosing interactive retail interior design elements is a cool way to get people involved. Once people start engaging with their environment, they become more likely to spend some time in the store and get acquainted with the products on offer.

Many small shop owners don’t even consider interactive displays because they worry about the cost of putting such together.

Interactive, however, does not necessarily mean high-tech. there are simple ways to get people engaged.

Motorised decorations that move across the shop window do belong to the interactive category. You can also benefit from having an actual Christmas carol singer at the entrance of the shop, greeting people and creating a truly cosy and welcoming environment.

Having a display hidden behind a curtain or wrapped as a gift will get visitors curious and eager to peek behind and see what’s concealed. This idea also carries the Holiday spirit and you could feature some little surprises (like cookies or other treats) for visitors inside the store.

The Holiday season is about the spirit of togetherness and giving. Thus, you can make a budget-friendly and inexpensive display that people would love to touch or interact with when entering your shop.

Turn Your Products into Holiday Elements

Don’t underestimate the importance of highlighting products when creating Holiday displays.

One of the easiest ways to bring the two concepts together is creating decorations out of your products.

Do you sell accessories like mittens, scarves, belts and hats? Use those to create a Christmas tree on the window display. Do you own a clothes boutique? Have a mannequin wearing a nice blouse and a skirt made from pine branches and tinsel.

Home goods can easily be organised in a vertical display to look like a Christmas tree or a large candy cane. Make beautiful Christmas wreaths from cleaning supplies like sponges, mop heads and other textiles.

These are just a few basic ideas but you get the big picture. Choose a few colourful products that you can work with, turn them into a Holiday décor item and show people just how creative you are. Such DIY decorations that feature your products will win you bonus points for taking the Holiday theme in a whole new direction.

The Holidays should be bright, warm and filled with optimism for the coming year. So should your store’s Holiday interior design. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on turning your shop into a Christmas haven. A great idea and a bit of creativity will matter much more than expensive ornaments.

And since it’s the season of warmth and giving, don’t be afraid to ask for some help. The Home Guide team is going to be there for you during every step of the way.

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