The Importance of Dressing Room Design for a Retail Space

The Importance of Dressing Room Design for a Retail Space

A beautiful retail space has many components. The entrance area is the one that should draw the potential customer in. The display should emphasize the most important items and encourage exploration. The checkout spot must be designed for convenience and functionality.

When it comes to retail interior design, many Singapore store owners underestimate the importance of one area – the dressing room. Dressing rooms are pretty standard and creativity is rare. A dressing room, however, is one of the most functional parts of the boutique. As such, it should be designed professionally by an interior designer who has the right vision.

Why Dressing Room Design is Crucial

A dressing or a fitting room is the most intimate and personal part of the shop, the one where people get a closer look at the products and their suitability. This is why the size of the dressing room, its position, the light, the availability of accessories like mirrors and hangers, and even the colour selection matter.

The fitting room can make or break the shopper’s experience. A space that’s too tiny and cramped will make it difficult for people to change in and out of clothes. Because they don’t feel comfortable, many potential buyers will give up on exploring more items.

In terms of branding, the fitting room is also vitally important.

It is one of the places that benefit from a captive audience. Thus, a message can be displayed centrally, whether for the purpose of promoting the store or acquainting people with specifics of a new, unfamiliar brand. Having simple white walls may seem like a good idea, but these walls are an ideal canvas for branding.

Needless to say, the dressing room can also be utilised to establish the brand as a pioneer and innovator. A degree of interactivity through augmented reality, for example, will bring technology to the brick-and-mortar experience. Such hybrid solutions are popularising store visits in an age when most people have gotten used to online shopping.

There’s more than one way to make a good use of the space available in the dressing room. The overall concept should be extended to this part of the boutique. The absolute minimum is offering customers consistency. On top of that, dressing room design can encourage a bigger number of purchases, a higher level of brand awareness and even loyalty.

Tips for Effective Dressing Room Interior Design

Hiring an interior design company in Singapore that has sufficient experience in retail and knowledge about what customers are looking for will be one of the essentials when it comes to creating the perfect dressing room.

Regardless of the specific goal, the number one rule to be followed is keep your dressing room clean and uncluttered. People will be changing clothes in there and they will need enough space to get the job done. If an item doesn’t have a certain function, it doesn’t belong in the dressing room.

The next important rule focuses on neutral light.

The light should work together with the mirrors to create the most flattering vision for the person trying on the clothes. If it’s too dim or the tone is cold, chances are the store visitors will not like what they see.

Many stores have already moved towards innovative and energy-efficient design with motion-activated lights for the dressing room. This is definitely a choice to consider because the more expensive bulbs will pay themselves off pretty quickly in this high traffic area.

Lights should also be functional and positioned strategically. A light behind or in front of the person looking at themselves in the mirror is obviously ill-conceived. People will get distracted so you should definitely experiment with more practical placement. Experimenting with different light bulbs before choosing the ones that will be everywhere is also a good idea.

To make the dressing room stand out, you have to ensure both privacy and comfort. The standard curtains that appear in most stores tend to look quite cheap, especially after they’ve been used for some time. A door or a panel that separates this intimate space from the rest of the store will be much better. The appearance will be easy to maintain impeccable – cleaning a door or adding a fresh coat of paint will rejuvenate the appearance of the dressing room immediately.

When it comes to comfort, interior designers can recommend a whole host of solutions. A small branded stool in the booth is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to have a small carpet or a rug. When trying on pants or skirts, people will have to take their shoes off. Standing in socks or bare feet on the naked ground is not the most comfortable experience. Hooks and hangers are obvious essentials, and the more you have inside the dressing room, the better.

Finally, consider investing in adjustable features. People like to personalise their spaces, even if they’ll be spending five minutes there. Mirrors that can be moved to change the angle, lights that can be made dimmer or brighter and even the chance to put on some music will get people interacting with their current environment.

Don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance for dressing room design and modernising your entire retail space. Service providers like Home Guide have the experience, the knowledge and the background to give your clients exactly what they want. Whether you’ve come up with a dressing room concept, or you’re looking forward to a brand new solution that’s been created especially for you, contact us today!

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