The Mid-Century Style in Modern Singapore Interior Design

The Mid-Century Style in Modern Singapore Interior Design

How do the concepts of mid-century and modern come together in the world of home interior design? These two terms seem like polar opposites yet somehow, they can result in really elaborate and beautiful decors for a contemporary Singapore space.

A good indication of an experienced forward-thinking interior design company is one that love experimenting with contrasting themes, ideas and concepts. When the disparate elements are brought together skilfully, they can result in truly stunning interiors.

So, what exactly is mid-century modern interior design? Let’s take a look at the characteristics of this style to determine whether it is the right option for your home in Singapore.

What Is Mid-Century Modern Interior Design?

The mid-century modern concept refers to practical home décor solutions that originated in the aftermath of World War II. These are combined with some prominent trends from the 50s, 60s and 70s to create cheerful, glamorous and highly textured home decors.

Mid-century modern is typically fun and bold. At the same time, the choices made by the interior design company aim to ensure functionality and practicality. This way, mid-century modern brings together stunning visual appeal and a bit of Scandinavian minimalism.

This may sound like a mission impossible but reputable Singapore interior design companies have had a ton of success with the concept. The Home Guide residential portfolio, for example, features a number of executions that belong to the category.

The overall vibe is somewhat retro and vintage but colourful and aesthetic rather than kitschy at the same time. Mid-century modern interior design puts heavy emphasis on the materials being used, their textures and forms. Functionality is important, form follows function and eclectic mixes of styles and textures make the design pop.

What is Mid Century Style in Modern Singapore Interior Design

Defining Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Elements

Several key characteristics distinguish mid-century modern design from other styles.

Mid-century modern design originated in the US. Many German Bauhaus architects moved to America after World War II ended. There, the style was modified to produce the mid-century modern design of today. There was a need to change the traditionally German Bauhaus style because Americans were looking for modern furnishings, style and splendour at the time.

A few characteristics are heavily defining for mid-century modern interiors.

These designs are very functional and bright. Organic and geometric forms/patterns are most often utilised. In addition, mid-century modern designs explore traditional and unorthodox materials at the same time, they are based on contrasts and intriguing juxtapositions.

Mid-century modern uses both natural materials like wood and plastic in its purest form (not disguised as another type of material). Colour ranges are vast and diversified – from neutrals to graphic use of black and white and even bolder neon tones.

Mid Century Style Elements in Modern Singapore Interior Design

Mid-Century Modern Design: How to Achieve It

If you want to feature the interesting elements of mid-century modern design in your Singapore home, you’ll have to opt for a couple of distinctive solutions.

Post-World War II era Style Statement Pieces

For a start, you may want to choose original pieces from the post-World War II era. Even if you cannot find originals, the style has been taken up by numerous designers and modern pieces that echo the sentiment are readily available for purchase.

The period following the end of the war also triggered technological advances. Architects and designers began experimenting with new materials inside the home. Stainless steel, plastic and other metals started popping up in designs much more often than they used to in the past.

Be Bold, Be Eclectic, Be Experimental

Mid-century modern design doesn’t have to be exclusive. As already mentioned, the post-war era encouraged bold experimentation and eclectic decisions.

If you already have modern pieces you love and would like to keep in your home, you can buy a couple of mid-century furniture pieces that you’re missing. Determining whether these mid-century items will go well with the rest of your belongings depends on your style preference. Engaging with a Singapore interior design company to help you and guide you through the choices is a good idea if you’re not sure how to approach the project.

When you’re done with the functional considerations, move on to giving the interior design a bit of personality. The goal can be accomplished through the selection of artwork. Posters and bold graphic prints both fit the mid-century modern concept. Abstract paintings, patterns and even ethnic art can be associated with the artistic movements that emerged at that specific time period.

Keep to a Guiding Theme

A final thing to keep in mind is that pulling off a stylish mid-century modern design can be tricky.

Eclectic choices and contrasting decisions can easily contribute to clutter and chaos. If you go for way too many ideas, you’ll feature distinctive pieces that will be fighting for attention. Thus, you need to come up with some guidelines before getting started with the execution.

Choosing one lead colour is a good way to limit down the number of available options. Alternatively, you can get started by buying one larger, central piece. This one mid-century piece will set the tone and the other accessories or materials you buy will be chosen to complement the one focal element in the room.

How To Mid Century Style Elements in Modern Singapore Interior Design

Remember to Have Fun

Mid-century modern interior design encourages comfort and bold self-expression.

This design choice is great for people who love vintage items, for free-spirited and artistic individuals, who are practical but also somewhat whimsical.

Having fun when choosing mid-century original pieces or items inspired by the time period is essential to create an authentic and charming interior.

You also need a bit of professional support to pull it off due to the fact that so many distinctive concepts have to come together.

Let the Home Guide Interior design team know what your vision is. Are you looking for ways to base your home’s new décor on a piece of period art that you adore? Do you want to find the ideal vintage furniture? We know what it takes to recreate an era and give it a bit of a modern twist. We’ll do personalisation on the basis of your requirements to make the interior design concept 100 per cent your own.

Contact Home Guide today if you’re looking for a partner who’ll guide you through the intricacies of mid-century modern design.

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