The One Piece Your Home Office Is Missing: Glass Floor Mats

The One Piece Your Home Office Is Missing: Glass Floor Mats

Does it seem like your home office is missing something? Perhaps a cool and functional décor piece that will give everything a modern twist? If you’re wondering about the possibilities, consider the selection of a glass floor mat.

Is this something you’re learning about for the very first time? You’ve been missing on a lot. Glass floor mats have become a big trend (just check out Pinterest and Instagram) because they’re sleek, sophisticated and they also serve a very specific purpose.

What’s a Glass Floor Mat?

As the name suggests, this is a mat made of glass that’s meant to go on top of the floor and underneath your office chair (or another piece of furniture that has legs).

Product specifics may depend on quality. These mats, however, are often made from tempered glass or another reinforced material. As a result, the mat is scratch-proof, crack-proof and capable of withstanding lots of weight (and movement).

Sometimes, glass chair mats are completely transparent. Some designs may have a bit of a tint. Choosing one or the other is all about the visual you’re going for. A completely transparent mat is good to put over a beautiful carpet. The tinted one becomes a part of the interior design and can work with other colours in the home office.

Glass floor mats are an upgrade from office floor mats made of plastic. Their predecessor was mainly targeting affordability and convenience. Glass mats are much more beautiful and much more durable. While they necessitate a bigger upfront investment, these pieces produce a much better return over the years.

Reasons Why You Need a Glass Floor Mat

So, why exactly should you think about the addition of a glass floor mat to your home office?

Let’s start with the obvious one – a chair mat will protect your flooring. Hardwood floors are very prone to scratches and dents, especially when you go through repetitive movements every single day. Very often, the floor underneath an office chair is scratched and stripped from varnish/sealant. Getting the floor renovated is a lot more expensive than protecting it through the addition of a floor mat.

The same applies to carpets, especially thicker ones. Repetitive movements can damage the fibres – something you definitely don’t want with an expensive office rug.

Glass mats are also very smooth and easy to glide over. Some manufacturers claim this property makes them healthier than hard floors. The idea here is that the mat lowers the strain on joints and your back when you’re moving around in the chair.

As already mentioned, tempered glass is scratch and dent-resistant. It will remain in good condition for many years to come. This property makes it an affordable and sustainable choice. If sustainability is your primary thing, you’ll be happy to find out that many glass mats are made from recycled glass.

When speaking about benefits, we also need to mention the shortcomings of getting such a piece for your home office. The number one issue with glass floor mats is that they’re heavy. Hence, you will need some help with the installation. Also, the glass can get stained easily. Regular cleaning and maintenance are very important if you’d like such a piece to look pristine and presentable.

Tips for Adding a Glass Floor Mat to Your Home Office

Do you like the idea of having such a piece of protective gear in your home office? If so, you’re probably wondering about the interior design tips that will help you make the most of your brand new acquisition.

The first and most obvious thing to do is think about the size. It will depend on how much you “travel” in your office chair. A mat that is too small will restrict your movement. A very large one will cover up a large portion of the beautiful floor without protecting anything (plus it will give you a bigger area to clean on the regular).

Next, think about the thickness of the mat – yes, there are options.

Obviously, the thicker the mat is, the heavier it’s going to be. The added weight, however, will contribute to the protective properties of the mat. Thicker mats are recommended for carpeted floors. A thinner one will work well on hard materials like wood and tiles.

You also have the choice of different mat shapes. Square and rectangular mats are obvious choices but they’re not the only ones. Circular and elliptical mats have a smoother appearance and can fit better in certain home offices (ones that feature streamlined and ergonomic pieces). In some instances, more unorthodox shapes will also be available or you can have the mat custom-cut to meet your specific needs.

Finally, we recommend getting a clear mat to showcase the beauty of the floor underneath. A transparent one is less obtrusive than tinted choices. Plus, this is one less thing to worry about when choosing interior design elements for your study.

If you need help with a home interior design concept thatt includes a home office,  contact Home Guide. We know what it takes to create an environment that’s beautiful and conducive of productivity at the same time.

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