The Role of Plants in Interior Design: More Than Just Natural Beauty

The Role of Plants in Interior Design: More Than Just Natural Beauty

Houseplants – even if you’re finding it difficult to keep them alive, you must confess they add a special touch to the interior design of a home.

Going beyond the beautiful appearance, however, live plants can be used to accomplish a lot more than a pretty flat.

Most people know the fact that plants purify the air and improve its quality (some more so than others). In addition, they can have a relaxing effect and studies link a green environment to better mental health and overall wellness.

The Numerous Positive Effects of Adding Indoor Plants to Your Home

Houseplants can deliver a serious range of health benefits, which is why their addition to home décor is a definite must.

For a start, many kinds of plants improve air quality. Some of them are so good at filtering out bad stuff that they’ve even been endorsed by agencies like NASA.

NASA has done research on the topic, sealing various kinds of plants inside an aircraft. The findings of this experiment were quite outstanding. Most houseplants had the power to reduce the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air significantly.

Now, newer studies suggest you’ll need to have an entire indoor garden in order to see significant improvement in air quality. Still, the mere fact that every single leaf has filtering capabilities is a sufficient reason to start bringing potted plants in your home.

On top of that, houseplants can improve your mood and reduce stress levels. One study presented in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found out that people who had houseplants felt more soothed, relaxed and at ease than people who didn’t have greenery at home.

There are several other health benefits researchers have established through experimentation. These include an anti-depression effect, a strengthening of focus and cognitive abilities and even an improved ability to recover from illness faster.

What Are Some of the Best Plants to Bring to Your Home?

All of this may sound great but you’re probably worried about your ability to keep something green alive in your home.

The good news is that many species are tough and resilient enough to survive in the homes of amateur and newbie gardeners. Some of these plants also have exceptional abilities to deliver the health benefits mentioned above.

So, if you’re not that good when it comes to maintaining plants alive and thriving, we recommend experimenting with the following kinds:

Snake plant

home interior design house plants snake plant

Not only is snake plant incredibly undemanding, it also looks very good. The decorative leaves have a very specific pattern that adds to the beauty of home décor. Snake plant is as low maintenance as it gets. It doesn’t need frequent watering and it can even survive intense drought. If you’re forgetful about providing hydration to your plants, this is the one to pursue. Snake plants are very beneficial because research shows they can filter out various kinds of harmful chemicals from the air.


home interior design house plants pothos

This is a rapidly growing plant that can reach spectacular dimensions really fast. Hence, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance statement piece, this is the one. Pothos can survive in shadier rooms and it’s not bothered by dry air or irregular watering. It’s also quite similar to snake plant in its ability to filter chemicals like benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and others.


home interior design house plants dracaena

Dracaenas can thrive in all kinds of light, which turns them into great house and office plants. Dracaena is in fact a group of various sub-species. The most resilient and easy to care for one is called Dracaena lisa, which is recognised for its air purification abilities.

Spider Plant

home interior design house plants spider plant

The thin, decorative leaves of spider plant turn it into an instant favourite as far as aesthetics are concerned. The only condition you have to meet in order to get your spider plant to thrive is ensure enough sunlight (not direct light, however). A spider plant is also very easy to propagate if you’re interested in having more than one of the same kind.

Rubber Plant

home interior design house plants rubber plant

The rubber plant has beautiful burgundy leaves that will remain in excellent condition even if you’re not a stellar gardener. The plant can survive infrequent watering, just make sure you don’t keep it too wet.


home interior design house plants monstera

This is a beautiful houseplant that grows very quickly without needing a lot of care and attention. Monstera is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a statement plant – it can reach quite significant heights within a short period of time. A Monstera plant doesn’t have to be watered more often than once every two or three weeks.

Peace Lily

home interior design house plants peace lily

Good Interior Design Should Correspond to Your Lifestyle and Needs

You can have beautiful houseplants, even if you’re a busy professional and you spend a lot of time away from your flat.

Let experienced home interior designers like Home Guide come up with the right concept for your home. We will take into account your lifestyle, your goals and the home maintenance level you feel comfortable with.

Contact us today to schedule your first home design consultation.

If you’re seeking out an easy to care for flowering plant, choose the peace lily. The huge white flowers will blossom throughout the year, giving you the satisfaction of observing them (and feeling proud of your accomplishment). The plant is very easy to “read” as far as its needs go. Droopy leaves suggest a watering is required.

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