The Tiny House Movement: A Brand New Interior Design Minimalism Trend

The Tiny House Movement: A Brand New Interior Design Minimalism Trend

A space-starved Singapore is constantly looking for new solutions that enable the accommodation of its constantly growing population. The number of people living in Singapore has been increasing steadily for the past four decades, which contributed to a to the the reduction of the size of the typical HDB apartment.

According to governmental data, the average HDB flat has indeed shrunk. Apart from the need for the creation of more flats, the trend is also reflective of the preferences of home owners.

As living spaces are becoming smaller, Singapore interior designers are facing new challenges when it comes to ensuring functionality and comfort.

One trend that they’ve started learning from and adapting to Singaporean life is the tiny house movement.

The shift towards living in a tiny house has become a social trend in many parts of the world. This trend has reached Singapore and even people who aren’t interested in living in a tiny house can learn from this social phenomenon and the manner in which it impacts lifestyle.

What Is the Tiny House Movement?

Many Singapore interior design companies draw inspiration from the tiny house movement to offer their clients simple, clean and clutter-free projects.

Even if a person isn’t living in a tiny house per se, a lot of the philosophy can be used to shape up the appearance of any living space.

The tiny house movement is all about simple living. This doesn’t mean featuring ascetic conditions in your home. Rather, it embraces the essentials that ensure comfort and gets rid of everything superfluous.

One of the most important aspects of tiny house interior design is multi-functionality.

Because the amount of available space is limited, furniture and appliances will have to serve multiple purposes in order to be worth purchasing. Versatile options can free up a lot of space while also ensuring essential needs are being met. Foldable furniture, for example, is one of the absolute staples of tiny house living. The same applies to furniture pieces that come with built-in storage space or an underneath storage compartment.

A foldable bed that doubles as a couch is an excellent choice for a tiny house. This way, a bedroom during the night can easily be transformed into a living room during the day.

The next aspect of tiny home interior design focuses on creating the illusion of more space.

Even a single-room apartment can be transformed into a space that feels a lot more spacious than it actually is.

Experienced interior designers know what it takes to put together a visual illusion. Home Guide, for example, often relies on strategically-placed mirrors in small HDB flats. The reflections add depth to the room, visually “expanding: the amount of available space.

Through strategically-placed mirrors, an interior designer can create the look of open floor plan living even in a tiny house. Mirrors reflect light and illuminate some of the darker corners. They can also be framed or decorated in a way that enhances the overall interior design concept.

Some people worry that tiny house interior designs are entirely décor-free but this isn’t the case.

Décor still plays an important role in making a tiny house feel cosy. Instead of scattering multiple pieces throughout the flat, however, tiny house owners focus on one or two quality statement pieces.

Comfort and fun can be achieved in multiple ways. A colourful coat of paint and even the use of special effects paints (nacre, metallic, matte) can instantly brighten up the interior of the micro home.

Because the tiny house is easier to maintain and a renovation will cost less than upgrading the typical Singapore apartment, you can acquire quality furnishings and accessories that are relatively costly. One statement piece (for example – a plus vintage loveseat) can easily upgrade the entire interior and produce a sense of comfort.

An intricate chandelier hanging from the ceiling can look really expensive if it is the only opulent piece. The same applies to accent shelves crafted out of a fine wood.

Living Large in a Tiny Home: Thoughtfulness of Design

The fact that you have to deal with a small living space doesn’t mean you should make a compromise with comfort or function.

Learning a bit more about the tiny house movement will acquaint you with dozens of creative solutions that will give you a beautiful, luxurious and enjoyable lifestyle.

Get a skilled interior design team involved in the project, as well.

Working with a small living space is a lot more difficult than designing a big apartment (which also produces a couple of challenges). Home Guide is a Singapore home interior design company with more than a decade of experience that has completed numerous small HDB flat transformations.

We know what it takes to accentuate the most spectacular parts of the property and what it takes to create the illusion of space.

Contact us today to start transforming your small flat in order to enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve.

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