The Top Interior Lighting Design Trends Of 2019

The Top Interior Lighting Design Trends Of 2019

As an interior design company we know that lighting is one of the most important things to consider when designing your home.  Lighting can change everything about the design, from the mood of a room to its perceived size.  Good lighting compliments the design of a room and makes you want to spend your mornings and evenings relaxing in the comforting ambiance of your home.

When considering the interior lighting design of your home, you have to work with different factors such as colour selection, room size, and availability of natural light.  All of these will affect what type of lighting you choose to install, from the paint colour of the walls to the openness of the space.  Every room has different needs, but each should be lit according to its own function and style.

Manufacturers are designing more and more innovative and stylish lighting designs each year, and the latest styles and trends are always changing.  To give your home a unique look that does more than just light up a room, you’ll want to hear about some of the latest trends in interior lighting design.  If you’re looking to redesign the lighting in your home, you might one to take advantage of some of the following interior lighting design trends of 2019:

LED Lighting

The Top Interior Lighting Design Trends Of 2019 Led Lights

LED lighting is one of the most popular lighting trends today, as people are becoming more environmentally conscious of the wasteful nature of incandescent bulbs.  Not only does LED lighting save money and power, it comes in a variety of styles and functions to provide you with greater control over your lighting design.  You can install LED lamps with dimming capabilities to transform the ambiance of your living room after sunset, even changing the colour of the light to fit whatever the mood may be.  While LED lighting is more expensive up front, you’ll save quite a bit in the long run as they will last substantially longer than incandescent bulbs.

Oversized Lighting

The Top Interior Lighting Design Trends Of 2019 oversized lighting

Bigger lighting fixtures are currently soaring in popularity, drawing the attention of your guests immediately upon entering the room.  Stylish oversized lighting fixtures can act as the centrepiece of a room, creating a focal point that the rest of the room can be centred around.  Using large fixtures over the kitchen table can be a great way to focus the attention of the room on the spot where the family gathers, creating a symmetrical and practical look.  Ceilings are also becoming increasingly important in the design world as designers start to focus more on incorporating them into the design, so take advantage of this trend with a stylish ceiling light that matches your style.

Sculptural Lighting Fixtures

The Top Interior Lighting Design Trends Of 2019 sculptural lighting

Art doesn’t have to be restricted just to the paintings on the wall; lighting is coming into its own as a decorative art integral to the home.  Whether you’re looking for form or function, a sculptural lighting fixture can be a great addition to any room that needs a little something to liven in it up.  Make a statement with a lighting fixture in a unique and unusual design that draws the eye and impresses your guests.  Sculptural lighting fixtures will complement your room’s overall design by providing a bold and attention-grabbing artistic piece for guests to look at.

Indirect Lighting

The Top Interior Lighting Design Trends Of 2019 indirect lighting

If you’re looking for something a little more minimalist, indirect lighting is also a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular.  Consider lighting the kitchen from under the counter to make it more night-friendly for those late night romantic dinners.  Up-lighting the walls of your living room can make it feel more calming and help you relax at the end of the day.  And if you’re looking to set the mood of your bedroom with a soothing ambiance to help you drift off to sleep, indirect lighting installed along the floor can be the perfect solution to help you get ready for bed.  Both functional and stylish, indirect lighting is a trend that’s here to stay.

Modern Retro Lighting

One of the most interesting trends that’s currently taking place in interior lighting design is the resurgence of retro designs with a modern twist.  Industrial rustic finishes are making a comeback, but in sleeker metals with more updated and modern designs.  Many people are also matching retro lighting fixtures with a more modern design for the rest of the room to create an interesting and personalized look.  Art Deco in particular is coming back strong, with wild overhead Art Deco fixtures adding a spice and liveliness to any room.  Mid-century modern fixtures are also trending, with starburst lamps providing a functional aesthetic to your home.

The most important part of choosing the lighting for your home is making sure that whatever you choose represents your own unique style.  Whether you go for something attention-grabbing like a large oversized ceiling lamp, or something more subtle like under the counter indirect lighting, you want the lighting in your home to represent who you are.  Home Guide can provide you with home interior design in Singapore that will ensure your lighting is both functional and stylish.  Check out our portfolio to see some of the lighting designs we’ve installed in our projects, and contact us today for all of your Singapore interior design needs!

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