Things You Wish You’d Been Told about Bathroom Renovations

Things You Wish You’d Been Told about Bathroom Renovations

Do you dream of a modern, functional bathroom where you can enjoy pampering yourself at the end of a busy day? If so, you’re probably considering a renovation project for your current bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the most functional and specialised home spaces apart from the kitchen. This is why bathroom renovations in Singapore can be costly and sometimes – difficult to execute. Preparing yourself in advance and knowing what to expect are the keys to communicating your needs and getting the outcome you want.

A home interior design company will first examine the space and make personalised recommendations on the basis of its parameters. This is an essential step before the renovation work starts.

A bathroom needs to be extremely functional and serene at the same time. Accomplishing both isn’t easy if the team lacks the experience and the background to bring the concept to reality. There are so many decisions you have to make but this could be difficult in the absence of information. This is the main reason why today; we’ll share some of the most important things nobody has ever told you about a bathroom renovation.

A Trendy Bathroom Can Be Maintenance-Heavy

Choosing a bathroom interior design concept just because it’s trendy will usually turn out to be a massive mistake.

Many of the trendy décor ideas will necessitate a ton of maintenance to keep the bathroom in a pristine condition.

Instead of thinking about what’s fashionable, try to execute a bathroom renovation that will minimize the amount of maintenance work.

White grout lines or black tiles may look incredible but every single splash of water will leave a mark. The same goes for mosaics and tiny tiles. Opting for the biggest tiles possible is one simple strategy that can make the bathroom a beautiful space in need of minimal cleaning.

A Freestanding Bathtub Is Far from Practical

Dramatic, freestanding bathtubs can look beautiful and they’ll quickly turn into the décor’s most prominent statement pieces. Such bathtubs, however, could contribute to several major problems down the line.

For start, a heavy bathtub could be against HDB renovation regulations and guidelines. The right Singapore interior design company can let you know whether the installation of such a piece is viable at all in your flat.

A bathtub will take away from the available space. It is not a good choice for a small bathroom. In addition, a freestanding bathtub makes it more difficult to clean the floor, particularly around the legs. You’ll need to do a lot of work to get rid of potential grime, hair or build-up.

It’s All in the Grout

We’ve talked a bit about the importance of bathroom grout already but since it’s so crucial, this element deserves its own section.

The truth of the matter is simple: the grout can make or break your bathroom remodelling project.

Very often, the grout is an afterthought or the best possible selection out of a limited range of options. While it may look minimal, however, the grout ties the entire bathroom concept together. On top of tying together the visual aspect of the décor, the bathroom grout also plays a very important role.

Grout seals out dirt and moisture. It can be used to compensate for size differences in tiles and protect the entire project from the devastating effect of long-term water exposure. Not only should the right product be chosen, the contractors that deal with the tiles have to be experts.

Your interior design service provider usually works with a selected group of contractors and can recommend someone for the job.

Apart from choosing the right contractor, you will also have to make several important grout-related remodelling decisions. Do you want it to be wide or narrow? Are you looking for a colour that contrasts or matches that of the tiles? Will the grout work be done in a high splash zone or the rest of the bathroom? Selecting the right product will depend on having concrete answers.

Various Toilet Sizes Are Available

When it comes to the toilet, most people choose a shape and a colour. That’s as far as they’ll go with the selection of probably one of the vital bathroom elements.

Did you know, however, that toilet sizes vary?

While the standard size is the most commonly chosen one, manufacturers also put together specialised series that meet the needs of different flat owners.

There are flat toilets for placement in small bathrooms. These get the job done without taking away from the already limited space. Most Singapore renovation stores should be capable of offering at least one such option to homeowners.

Corner toilets are another practical solution that will result in a compact non-obtrusive design. Such a toilet is even better if you have limited space because it will make good use of a corner that may otherwise remain empty.

Matte Is Cool but It’s Not Fun

Here’s one final trend that you need to be warned about.

Matte tiles and bathroom surfaces are incredibly trendy right now but are they the right choice for you? Probably not?

The reason is the same as with light-coloured or black tiles. Matte surfaces will show every little dried splash of water, soap or styling product.

A beautiful matte finish looks sophisticated but you will need to clean the bathroom after each use to maintain its good appearance.

Remember the fact that something looking beautiful in the showroom isn’t necessarily going to maintain its shiny sophistication in your bathroom.

The lesson here is simple – think in practical terms before being drawn to fads or looks. Your interior designer can help you avoid some of the most common bathroom renovation traps.

The Home Guide team believes that functional and stylish can go hand in hand when it comes to bathroom projects. Check out our portfolio to find a visual confirmation of our philosophy or contact us today. Also check out our Resale HDB Toilet Renovation Package – https://www.homeguide.com.sg/project/resale-toilet-package/

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