Top 5 Interior Design Trends To Avoid In Singapore

Top 5 Interior Design Trends To Avoid In Singapore

Interior design trends are always fleeting and ever-changing, but there are quite a few that remain timeless for a long time. However, it is important to note that many of these universal trends might not relate to the climatic or social aspects of a certain country. For example, interior design in Singapore is always centered on its socio-economic, real-estate and climatic aspects. Anything that defies these aspects is bound to ultimately fail. So below, we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 interior design trends you should avoid in Singapore.

Metal Furniture & Finishes

metal furniture table for home interior design

It is a well-known fact that metal is a great conductor of heat. Since Singapore is one of the hottest countries, it is common sense to avoid any metal furniture and finishes in relevant interior design schemes. However, in the recent years, metal décor and accessories have become quite trendy, and the Singapore design committee has tried to keep up with the global market. It has, henceforth become one of the major mistakes to be avoided in major renovation projects.

All White Interiors

full white interior design for home

All-white interior designs look like the epitome of trendy and sophisticated on paper, but they can seem like a virtual nightmare when you actually have to live in them. There’s the perpetual fear of unintentionally dirtying up the aesthetic, and the ubiquitous burden of maintain that stark austerity of the design for a long time. The reflective quality of this aesthetic an also make your ambience feel very impersonal and impractical. Singapore specializes in small style HDBs, which are supposed to be designed in a personal and more warmly stylized way.

Chalk Walls

chalk walls home interior design trends

Industrial style chalk-walls are quite a raging trend in Singapore, but its dichotomous aesthetics come with its own brand of set-backs. The chalk-wall theme may sound interesting and fun on paper, but its actual execution can turn quite impractical in a short while. The thing about chalk-boards is that they need constant maintenance, and the bigger the scale, the larger your problem in the long run. Eventually, your chalk-wall will simply be just another black wall. Therefore, it is wise to consult your interior designers on whether such interior design trends are applicable to the Singapore context.


wallpapering for home interior design

One of the worst interior design mistakes you can make in your home interior design in Singapore is using wallpapers. It can be ridiculously expensive depending on the style and print, but moreover, it can be easily destroyed by the heat and humidity of Singapore’s climate. Wallpapering is guaranteed to peel off or warp with age – especially under the strenuous weather conditions of a country like Singapore. Therefore, it is best to avoid such a redundant trend in lieu of better, more stylish ones.

Personal Walk-In’s

home interior design walk in closet

As we all know, Singapore is not exactly a country with an abundance of space. Real estate is always a precious commodity while designing interiors, which is why it is always best to avoid trends that were meant to be designed in larger homes. Everybody wants a personal walk-in closet, but it is important to consider the space constraints you’re working with in order to get the best results. There is no use of having a cramped, forced walk-in when that space could be better utilized to make the master bedroom grander.

Home Guide Designs is a veteran interior design firm that has been in the business for more than two decades. We’re aware of all the climatic and spatial constraints that plague Singapore, and will certainly design all projects accordingly.

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