Top 5 Trending Home Interior Design Styles in 2017!

Top 5 Trending Home Interior Design Styles in 2017!

Now that we’re on the last legs of 2017, it’s time to look back and see how the year has left its mark on the interior design genre. As you all know, interior design is an entity that is constantly changing. Each year sees the emergence of new trends, reemergence of old trends and the birth of some completely new trends along the way. Some of these become classic, and others become history.

Of course the context always matters as far as the reception of these trends is considered. As far as Singapore is concerned, the combination of the booming interior design industry combined with the need for individuality has welcomed many new trends this year. So today, we’ll be taking a look at the exclusive top 5 of 2017; what was, and will remain hot.

Bottle Green Colour Scheme

Bottle green colour scheme used to be at the top of their game back in the 90s, when they first emerged. But with the passage of time, and the advent of the modern contemporary style, they slowly became a remnant of the past. But 2017 has seen a resurgence in the bottle green colour scheme in modern interior designs. It has the added bonus of being retro and contemporary at the same time, and Singapore residents have never been more in love with it.

Artistic Furniture

trending home interior design artistic furniture

Gone are the days of generic furniture and boring construction. 2017 has seen a rising appreciation for qualitative, artistic furniture in interior design. From the re-appreciation of wishbone chairs, the tufty sofas and the beloved Eames Eiffel chairs, the use of creative and artsy furniture is at an all-time high, even at the end of 2017.

Jute, Velvet, Suede Upholstery

trending home interior design textures and fabrics

Textures and fabrics have always gone hand in hand when it comes to delivering the best home interior designs, and this year, you can definitely see an abundance in jutes, velvets and suede’s. These textures add an artistic dimension to the ambience of any space, giving the interior design a fine aesthetic value that delivers quality and expression at the same time.

Millennial Pink

modern pink interior design trends

Blush pink, or Millennial Pink is one of those classic colours that now define the visual preferences of an entire generation. Since most home owners in Singapore are now Millennial, it is no surprise that is colour is at the top of the charts in 2017. From blush pink upholstery, tiles and even painted furniture, this colour has been taking the world by storm this year. The hype surrounding its context is very real, making sure that it flies by 2017 with a bang!


trending home interior design styles quilt

Conventional bedcovers are now a thing of the past. Artfully arranged quilts have become the next raging trend as of Fall, 2017. Whether they’re arranged on the back of a sofa, or are thrown haphazardly on the side of your bed, these quilts have a way of emulating a warm, comfortable aura in the overall ambience of your interior design.

We, at Home Guide Designs understand the importance of these year-in trends, and our services are specifically catered to deliver the best in both aesthetics and quality to our clients.

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