Trendy Interior Design and Sustainable Hotel Décor Ideas

Trendy Interior Design and Sustainable Hotel Décor Ideas

According to the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, hotels and tourism ventures produce approximately five per cent of the world’s greenhouse emissions. This figure is anticipated to grow 130 per cent by 2035, unless the right sustainability measures get implemented.

Many hotels and accommodation spots are trying to go greener in an attempt to embrace responsible business practices and attract environment-conscious tourists.

Interior design plays a very important role in ensuring the greenness of accommodation spots. Here are some of the interior design trends and hotel décor choices bound to make the biggest difference as far as eco-friendliness is concerned.

Reducing Water Waste

In a temperate climate, a hotel guest consumes an average of 620 litres of water (including the water in the room, the pool area, laundry and kitchen consumption) per stay. In Mediterranean climates, the average goes up to 819 litres of water per guest and in tropical climates – 820 litres of water.

Water consumption in the guest room is one of the primary contributors to waste.

Luckily, there are ways to make guest room bathrooms much more economical and efficient.

Shower flow regulators, eco-friendly toilets and faucets are all readily available. Since the water comes out at a higher pressure, the economical choices get the job done excellently and using only a fraction of the water that a regular faucet will need.

While such water conservation options still tend to be a bit more expensive than their traditional counterparts, they’ll quickly provide a very high return on investment in the form of water savings.

Locally Sources and Recycled Décor

Many hotels are reliant on large furniture and décor retail chains that are present across the world. The items these large companies make, however, can have a fairly significant carbon footprint. In addition, getting such mass-manufactured items does not benefit local communities.

As a result, various hotels are making the switch to locally sourced and manufactured décor items.

Local furniture, art and accessories are much more environmentally friendly. In addition, these pieces carry a distinct and authentic vibe. They can be used to make the hotel’s interior genuinely intriguing rather than generic.

Recycled and repurposed items can also add to the charm of the interior while also making a statement about the conservation of resources. The right interior design company will know exactly how to freshen up and repurpose older items in order to give them a second life.

Curtains, Blinds and Fabrics

Curtains and blinds aren’t just decorative. They play an important functional role. The right kind of fabric can keep sunlight and heat outside, reducing the need for room air conditioning.

Thermal and blackout curtains and blinds are excellent choices as far as hotel sustainability is concerned. It would be even better if such window coverings could be manufactured from recycled materials.

When it comes to blinds, picking products with right reflective backings is a great choice to allow effortless light adjustments while keeping the heat out of the room as much as possible.

One thing to consider is the safety of curtains and blinds, especially those enhanced to serve a specific purpose. Fire retardant curtains, for example, are often coated with chemical solutions to make them unlikely to catch fire. Such chemical solutions can create unhealthy emissions and should be avoided.

Luckily, some natural materials like wool and silk have an intrinsic anti-fire property. These fibres are very difficult to ignite. Hence, if you want to increase fire safety without relying on synthetics dipped in chemicals, such natural fabrics would be the ones to choose.

Sustainable Tableware

It’s time to ban poolside plastic, as well as single-use items available within the guest rooms.

Single-use tableware contributes to massive waste and until recently, it was very popular in hotels and accommodation establishments.

Today, many touristic venues are making the switch to more sustainable options.

Plastic is already banned from many hotels and resorts.

Instead, guests benefit from porcelain, metal and glass items that are timeless and long-lived.

When selecting tableware for a hotel, it’s crucial to stick to several key considerations. For a start, do partner up with manufacturers seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprint. The use of recycled and biodegradable materials should obviously be prioritised to make a statement while also giving hotel guests high quality.

Using Plants for Even More Sustainability

Landscaping and hotel gardens will also play a role in making the venue greener (literally and figuratively!). Not only that but a carefully crafted and executed landscape will create an even more pleasant environment for guests to enjoy.

Trees and large bushes planted close to the hotel building will help keep the heat outside. They provide for natural climate control and the bigger these plants get, the more shade they’ll offer.

Featuring plants inside guest rooms (and even inside bathrooms) will also make the place a lot more welcoming. A little bit of greenery inside will take away from the sterile and somewhat generic feel of the hotel room. Luckily, there are easy to care for plant species that will thrive in just about any environment.

Green hotel interior design solutions do not have to be expensive, as long as they’re carefully planned and executed.

Nurturing relationships with local manufacturers and investing in resource conservation solutions will both pay off. In addition, these choices will help build an innovative, conscious brand that tourists would love to explore.

Are you ready to start modernising your hotel’s interior design with sustainability in mind? A partnership with an experienced local interior design team will help you make the most of the changes.

Home Guide is ready to help you out and conceptualise the best green hotel interior design for your touristic venue. Contact us today to benefit from a free first consultation.

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