Upcoming 4-Room BTO Launches: Interior Design & Renovation Ideas

Upcoming 4-Room BTO Launches: Interior Design & Renovation Ideas

Getting ready for upcoming BTO launches? The next one is going to take place in May 2021, as per the latest HDB announcement. It will feature offerings in two mature estates (Bukit Merah and Geylang) and two non-mature estates (Tengah and Woodlands).

Most of the offerings in all of these estates fall in the 3-room and 4-room categories. Additionally, 5-room flats will be available in Tengah and Woodlands.

The 4-room BTO flat is one of the most popular types of residential real estate. It’s big enough for a family to enjoy while also being fairly easy to maintain in a good condition. Many young couples choose this type of flat as it ensures affordability and some room for growth.

If you’re one of the prospective real estate owners looking forward to the acquisition of a 4-room BTO flat, you’re probably wondering about the best renovation ideas for these spaces. Through a couple of strategic upgrades, you can increase the functional appeal of the space to match your lifestyle.

As HDB BTO renovation professionals having decades of experience, we can recommend a couple of interior design ideas bound to have the most pronounced impact on the quality of your living space.

Hidden Storage Units Maximise Space

A standard 4-room flat has an area of about 90 square metres and three bedrooms. These characteristics make the space perfect for a young couple that’s planning a family. Even people who have young kids can make quite a lot out of a 4-room BTO flat by choosing smart storage solutions.

This is one of the Home Guide specialties since clever storage can accomplish so much.

Sliding closets, storage units hidden behind furniture or decorative panels – the choices are so many. Such storage ideas optimise crevices and corners that would otherwise remain under-utilised. At the same time, the storage unit will also double as a piece of furniture or a décor item. This way, it can bring multiple uses to the flat without taking up space.

Smart storage and hidden units are a perfect choice for the hallway, the bedrooms and the living room. Each of these spaces holds a number of items that can be concealed for more convenience and easy cleaning.

Here’s an example of a smart storage unit that we created for one of our clients:

upcoming 4 room bto launches interior design renovation ideas strathmore living room

The feature wall camouflages the bomb shelter and a common bedroom. in addition, it keeps the wiring tucked behind neatly.

upcoming 4 room bto launches interior design renovation ideas strathmore study room

The study area and the kitchen have similar feature walls that act as multi-purpose pieces.

upcoming 4 room bto launches interior design renovation ideas strathmore kitchen

Scandinavian Design Is an Excellent Choice

If you’re seeking a modern and clean renovation idea for a 4-room BTO, Scandinavian interior design will be an excellent choice.

Looking clean and minimalist, Scandinavian design is also very functional. There’s nothing unnecessary or purely decorative to it. Form and function work together to make the most of every single item placed in the home, be it a piece of furniture, a storage unit or a decorative piece.

There’s one misconception about Scandinavian design and it revolves around the choice looking cold and sterile.

This doesn’t have to be the case. While neutral tones and ergonomic choices dominate Scandinavian design, pops of colour can be added through textiles and art. These liven up the home without diminishing its functional appeal.

Here’s a simple and beautiful example of just how exciting Scandinavian (or Scandinavian-inspired) design can be:

Blk 783B Woodlands Rise 4 Room BTO Interior Design Renovation by Home Guide

The home is very simple and very clean. The bright blue niches, however, add a pop of colour and bring a sense of youthfulness into the space.

upcoming 4 room bto launches interior design renovation ideas scandinavian living room

We carried the theme effortlessly throughout the home.

upcoming 4 room bto launches interior design renovation ideas scandinavian kitchen

Apart from the blue accents, we utilised similar materials in almost identical colour schemes to create visual consistency. Lots of white have also been integrated into the design to create the appearance of more space and light.

Industrial Design Also Works Well

Industrial design can give spaces much more personality without the risk of adding clutter.

Exposed brick walls, industrial-looking lights, minimalist flooring and finishes, as well as vintage/steampunk furniture and accessories will give the flat a ton of character.

Industrial home interior design projects can be fairly affordable to execute. If you’re drawn to something a bit more unusual and visually-stunning that wouldn’t cost a fortune, this style is one to consider.

Get Rid of Walls and Partitions

Anyone looking for a more extensive transformation should think about removing walls partially or in their entirety.

Getting rid of a few walls will create open spaces (for example – bringing together the kitchen and the living room while still keeping functional separation through the introduction of elements like a kitchen island). This choice instantly creates the illusion of more space.

If you’re looking forward to such an extensive renovation, partner up with HDB licensed contractors.

The HDB has very specific requirements and guidelines when it comes to the removal of walls. Certain parts of the flat cannot be altered because such changes may threaten the structural integrity of the building. HDB certified interior design companies know what’s acceptable and what kinds of extensive reconstructions will get you in trouble.

Bring Your Personality to the Space

All of the ideas mentioned in this guide give you a glimpse at what’s possible.

A 4-room BTO flat, however, is incredibly versatile. Just about any renovation idea can be carried out if you have a good concept and a partner to bring it to reality.

Your personality and lifestyle should guide the choices you make in your living space. Just because Scandinavian or industrial designs work well in such flats doesn’t mean you’re limited to these two choices.

Take some time to plan upgrades focused on comfort and promoting your lifestyle preferences. Think of your job, your hobbies, the things your family likes to do together. By focusing on such essentials, you will make home renovation decisions that aren’t superficial.

If you’re a classy and sophisticated person who loves entertaining guests, for example, we have a visual idea for you:

Sleek Clean 4 Room Bukit Batok HDB Interior Design Renovation kitchen Living area 2 scaled

The entertainment space dominates the living room. At the same time, the furniture and the accessories are kept minimal to ensure enough space for hosting parties.

Sleek Clean 4 Room Bukit Batok HDB Interior Design Renovation dining area 2 scaled

A stylish dining area opens into the living room. This way, the flow of the space is maintained, allowing people to easily get from one part of the flat to another.

Sleek Clean 4 Room Bukit Batok HDB Interior Design Renovation kitchen scaled

The kitchen has also been set up as a social space. At the same time, it provides ample work surface and all of the essentials required to impress everyone with delicious, home-cooked meals.

Are you impressed by what you see? Are you starting a journey towards bringing out the inner light hidden inside the walls of your brand new four-room flat?

Home Guide can help you in this quest. We offer our clients a good selection of BTO promotional packages to make quality affordable.

If you’re ready to start planning the renovation of your brand new home, besides being an excellent choice for your interior design needs, we are also your home renovation contractor of choice. Contact the Home Guide team right now.

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