Using Fairy Lights and Pendants to Create a Magical Atmosphere This Holiday Season

Using Fairy Lights and Pendants to Create a Magical Atmosphere This Holiday Season

Fairy lights deliver one of the most flexible and versatile decorative solutions, which is why they tend to be incredibly popular during the holiday season. Available in numerous varieties, fairy lights can be hung on the Christmas tree or they can be incorporated in your home décor in numerous alternative ways.

If you’re not too keen on employing other Christmas decorations this year, prioritise elegant fairy lights and pendants. They will give you that warm, festive sensation while also adding to the cosiness and beauty of your home.

Hang Fairy Lights on the Ceiling

Putting lights on the Christmas tree is an obvious choice but it’s not the only option you have.

Fairy lights are affordable and super easy to install – two features that make them perfect for the creation of larger installations.

Obviously, the more illumination you have, the brighter and warmer your space is going to be. Which is why we suggest hanging fairy lights from the ceiling to transform your living room into a magical holiday village.

To thoroughly enjoy the installation, think about how you’re going to position the lights and what pattern you’d like to create. Will you go for a zig-zag? A ceiling outline? Or maybe you’d like to create a certain shape (a star, a heart, anything else that tickles your fancy)?

The easiest installation involves adhesive hooks that stick to the ceiling and secure the fairy lights in place. When you get those, you’ll simply be left with choosing the shape and colour of the lights that will create the most festive mood.

Faux Fire in the Faux Fireplace

Fire always adds warmth and holiday sentiments to an inner space. Unfortunately, Singaporean flats lack an actual fireplace that you can throw a few logs in.

The good news is that you can use fairy lights and something as simple as a fireplace poster to somewhat enjoy the sensation of having an actual fireplace inside.

If you have a niche or a wall recess in your home, you can even put a few actual logs in there and drape them with red and yellow fairy lights. The effect is going to be really charming, especially in the evening.

Adding a few candles to the installation is another good idea you can employ if you’d want to enjoy the appearance of actual flames in your “fireplace.”

Decorate Your Pendants

The good thing about pendants is they give you a fairly big surface area you can decorate to experience a Christmas home décor transformation.

Wrapping a few green branches and pine cones around your neutrally coloured pendants screams Christmas. You can also add a few ribbons or mistletoe, as long as you have enough space for the decorations not to look cluttered.

A pendant light can also support actual Christmas decorations. If you decide to hang baubles, choose ones in the same colour. Having too many different kinds of décor hanging from the lamp will look messy rather than classy. For an even better effect, choose glass baubles and decorations. These will sparkle when the light is turned on, giving you even more brightness and cheerfulness.

Fairy Lights in Lanterns

Empty lanterns are very easy to find in home décor shops and they are inexpensive. Just like fairy lights, these pieces are incredibly versatile and can be used to create some festive atmosphere without entering the realm of Christmas clichés.

Put some fairy lights inside each of the lanterns and place those in the hallway. This is an especially good idea if you have a long hallway that tends to appear somewhat gloomy and lifeless in the evening.

If you have stairs, you can also put a lantern on each one to illuminate the way up. The old-school appeal of lanterns will give you that fairy tale surreal sensation both you and your children will have so much fun with over the holidays.

Doorway Drapes

Cascading lights that frame doorways and arches in your home will drive the fairy tale message further home.

This is another super simple DIY approach that lets you bring holiday cheers inside without needing to embrace traditional Christmas decorations. Doorway light drapes can also look very stylish, as long as you choose the right colour and you make sure that you have an abundance of lights to give you a rich effect.

A similar approach can be employed towards window decorations. These window light drapes will be fun to create, plus they’ll be noticeable from the outside, as well. You will get the warm, excited sensation as soon as you head home from work and spot the window lights from the street.

Bring the Magic in Your Bedroom

The magic of holiday fairy lights and pendants can be brought in the bedroom, as well. It’s one of the spaces that few people take the time to decorate, creating an immense missed opportunity.

A cascade of lights hanging down the bed frame will give you a beautiful canopy that can inspire and deliver a sense of peace when you decide to call it a night.

Lights and pendants can also create warm and soothing wall accents, especially if you don’t feature a lot of art in the bedroom.

Light can transform your inner space through its colour, shape and design aesthetic. Let us help you choose the right lights to match your interior design concept and add value to your domestic space. Contact Home Guide now if you’d like to experience the metamorphic power of appropriate light selection in home interior design.

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