Using Retail Interior Design to Reinforce Your Brand

Using Retail Interior Design to Reinforce Your Brand

What are your main considerations when coming up with a retail interior design project? Chances are that you think about the comfort of store visitors, sophistication and practical appeal. How about enforcing your brand identity?

A retail venue gives you a wonderful opportunity for making your brand more recognisable. You can accomplish the goal through the right retail interior design choices. When looking for a good interior design company in Singapore, always make sure getting to know your business pretty well is part of their process before suggesting the interior elements.

To make your brand more memorable, you can rely on a number of design choices that will work perfectly well with your corporate identity.

Understand the Elements of a Branded Environment

Just think of the Apple stores – their interior designers know exactly what they’re doing.

Retail interior design that reinforces a corporate identity has to make good use of the elements of a branded environment. These elements go beyond placing the company logo above the checkout or relying on corporate colours. Under-use of the possibilities will be a serious retail interior design mistake.

Lighting, the choice of finishing materials, the use of graphical elements and even the layout of a store can be a part of the brand identity. All of these create a certain personality, a character that you would want to have associated with your business.

To determine the right branded environment elements, think about the emotional response you’d like to provoke. Do you want store visitors to feel comfortable and relaxed, as if they’d visited the venue a thousand times before? Do you want the experience to be cool and hip? Or maybe you’d like to establish a brand that’s synonymous with sophistication?

This is the number one question to answer. Telling your interior design expert what you’re trying to do at the respective venue will make it much easier for them to pinpoint the multiple elements that will carry the sentiment and establish the right persona.

Get the Marketing Team Involved in the Process

A collaboration between the interior design and the marketing team can result in a powerful branded retail interior design.

Marketers are the professionals who know the elements of the brand identity really well. Often, they are the people who have created this identity from scratch. Getting them involved in the design of your brand new store can provide insight and ideas you would have never conceptualised on your own.

While comfort and a great retail experience should still be the highlight, marketing professionals can make the interior design team understand the products, services and the core of the business much better.

The interior environment will thus reinforce the important elements without taking away from the charm or modernity of the venue.

Work with a graphic designer is another great choice for setting up a store or a boutique. The corporate colours, the correct placement of the logo and even the creation of branded posters or artwork can make the environment more dynamic, engaging and relevant.

Consistent Brand Image Is the Number One Priority

You may feel tempted to modernise things and take them to another level when working on a brand new store. While the opportunity to modernise is definitely temping, it may not be the best choice. This is especially true for companies that already have a well-established identity.

Consistency is essential for boosting brand recognition. If you’ve been doing online retail before opening a boutique, people will already be aware of your brand. The same applies to companies that already have one store and plan to open a new one.

It may be a good idea to attempt freshening things up a little bit through the selection of modern interior design. Multiple venues that belong to your brand, however, should look and feel the same. You don’t want to confuse the visitors of your brand new store. Its belonging to the brand should be apparent right from the start.

Consistent brand identity will increase customer retention. People will be confident that the quality of products and services will remain unchanged, whether they choose one store or another. Incorporate the materials, colours, patterns and textures that you’re already known for in the new design. This way, you will appeal to the clientele that you already have apart from attempting to attract new customers to the location.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Technology

Innovative Singapore retail interior design is heavily influenced by new technologies. These can be used to your advantage, especially when it comes to making the brand recognisable.

Multimedia screens throughout the venue could be used in the place of branded artwork.

You can have your corporate marketing videos, product presentations and even interactive displays for the purpose of getting an audience to interact with your brand.

The more visual and interactive you go, the easier it will be for people to remember the store visit and the positive aspects of the experience.

Tell your interior design team that you’d like to attempt a more innovative approach towards enforcing the brand identity. Together, you will determine where to place screens, whether interactive elements in the dressing room are a good choice and how the innovative interior design elements are going to work with the rest of the interior architecture.

Designing your branded retail environment can be a time-consuming, cumbersome process. A lot will ride on the decisions you make right now, which is why you should make sure that every single element you choose is in line with the image you want to enforce.

Choosing the right professionals to partner up with is also going to be determining for the quality of the outcome. You need an interior design team that understands the specifics of building the perfect retail venue and making your brand immediately recognisable.

Home Guide’s team has sufficient experience in the world of retail interior design and we’re not afraid of challenges. Whether you want to go down the traditional or innovative road, we’ll be ready to guide you through the process. Contact us today to get started.

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