Wallpaper Selection Guide: Bringing Warmth and Cheer into Your Home

Wallpaper Selection Guide: Bringing Warmth and Cheer into Your Home

Some say that wallpapers are outdated and they don’t have a place in contemporary interior design. This is hardly the truth. The variety, colours, patterns, and designs are so many that wallpaper can easily be incorporated in any theme.

If you’re working with an interior design service provider on the renovation of your home, you will work on the selection of the right wallpaper together. To make the best choice, you simply have to follow a couple of essential rules.

Consider the Overall Style

Wallpaper design could be simple and minimalistic, or it could be incredibly ornate. To limit the number of options, think about the overall style and the design concept you’ve decided upon.

You should work closely with your interior designer to get a good sense of what your home interior design will look like before you visit a wallpaper shop. Home Guide can provide a 360 degree 3D virtual view of your future home that you can navigate online tht could even include a virtual wallpaper. If you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, chances are that you will feel overwhelmed by all the variety.

Here’s a simple example – if the home renovation you’re going for aims to create a romantic interior, you should probably opt for floral wallpapers in pastel colours. Both the tones and the print will reinforce the design theme. A contemporary theme will benefit from bolder geometric shapes and patterns.

The furniture and accessory selection will also have to be taken in consideration. You don’t want to have bold wallpapers that will be fighting for attention with the other statement pieces placed in the room.

Budget Considerations

Knowing your budget will help you narrow down the choices even further.

Keep in mind that affordable does not mean cheap. There are items on the market that feature an excellent price to quality ratio. The most important characteristics to examine are the thickness, durability and the quality of the print. The toxicity level is another key consideration, and don’t compromise here. Wallpaper coated with PVC, for example, isn’t the safest choice and you may want to look for alternatives.

Don’t get carried away by searching only for bargains or simply choosing the market’s most expensive designer wallpaper. If you don’t have any experience, talk to your interior design company. Professionals in the field know the characteristics that are most important and the brands whose products are worth buying. You will get tested suggestions and approved options so that regardless of your choice, you’ll be happy with the outcome.

So Many Different Types!

Once you research deeper, you will find out the wallpaper market offers an array of options.

For a start, there are multiple materials to choose among, each one  coming with specific advantages.

Paper and textile wallpapers are probably the two most common varieties. Paper are usually the most inexpensive option but there’s one problem – they aren’t particularly durable and they tear easily. Textiles can have multiple textures and they look somewhat more sophisticated. These wallpapers are made of natural materials (most often) like cotton. Hemp is another preferred choice because of its durability.

The market also features vinyl wallpaper. A film of vinyl is typically applied over a layer of textile or paper. The vinyl increases the toughness of the wallpaper by making it moisture-resistant. Such wallpaper can be washed and scrubbed without disintegrating. It can, however, be heavy and more difficult to apply than the previous two varieties.

Foiled wallpaper is probably one of the fanciest varieties. It looks like damask or heavy fabrics like velvet. Such wallpapers will stand out immediately and they’re ideal for creating accents in the apartment. The problem with foiled wallpaper is that it can be a nightmare to apply because wrinkles form easily.

Flat or Textured?

Both flat and textured wallpapers have their merits. Obviously, textured wallpapers stand out more. They will be a good choice for more ornate, rustic interior designs. They give some dimension, which could be a good thing for spicing up a simpler design.

Sometimes, textured wallpapers can be painted over. This way, the wall will be monochromatic and the texture will stand out even more.

Textured wallpapers, however, tend to offer limited possibilities in terms of finish. If you want to opt for metallic, mica or glossy wallpapers, you will probably have to accept the flat variety. In a sense, the finish acts as a texture. Thus, such wallpapers pack some serious appeal.

The simplest flat wallpaper varieties are a good choice for cleaner designs. If you don’t want the wall to “scream,” and you want to put the emphasis elsewhere, opt for something a bit more delicate.

Be Careful about Trends!

Trendy and modern is not always the right choice! Some trends quickly prove to be fads and they lack the merits of classic options.

Unless you are truly in love with a certain style, or it matches the interior design theme you’re going for, avoid trendy wallpapers. The fashion changes every single year. Colours, patterns and finishes that are trendy today will be gone tomorrow. Instead of opting for something transient, go for an evergreen that will look good today and a decade from now.

Marketing hype can make certain products appear much more desirable or versatile than they actually are. This is why you should have an excellent idea about the specifics of your home renovation project.

Interior design company reps can guide you through every single process and purchase you’ll have to make to renovate your home. Hiring professionals makes a lot of sense, especially if you’ll be doing extensive work on your Singapore condominium.

Professionals like the Home Guide team have tons of experience with residential projects. Whether you want to change the walls or you’re looking for a much more comprehensive renovation, we’re here to help. Contact us today and let us know what you’re looking for. Based on this information, we’ll be capable of creating a personalised project that’s just the right one for you.

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