Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback To Homes

Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback To Homes

Do you want to invite colour into your life? You’re in luck. A bright, bold and beautiful trend is making a comeback, getting homeowners across the globe to smile. Colourful wallpaper is becoming popular once again. In fact, it’s labelled one of the hottest wall décor and interior design trends of 2022.

Many people believe that the wallpaper trend is outdated and it has become obsolete. This is no longer the case! There are so many different designs, some of them innovative, some bringing the retro nostalgia to centre stage. Stylish, well-designed, colourful wallpapers provide one of the easiest ways to bring energy and positive vibes into the home. For the purpose, however, you have to put a bit of effort into curating the right design for your home.

The Rise of the Bold, the Colourful and the Eclectic

There are numerous reasons why colourful wallpaper is making a comeback right now.

For a start, it provides one of the simplest and most practical opportunities to immediately shake things up. Wallpaper is easy to install and easy to take down. Depending on quality, it can feature beautiful visuals, patterns, graphics or even 3D effects.

The popularity of wallpaper has been going up for about a decade. With this brand new reprisal, the range of market options has started to increase. If you do some quick shopping, you’ll come across numerous choices. Quite a few of those are very bold and eccentric.

People are becoming more adventurous with their home interior design. Many Singaporean homeowners are breaking the mold in an attempt to personalise and bring a unique vibe to their décor, driving a comeback of the bold, colourful and eclectic.

Manufacturers feature a wide range of colour schemes and patterns. Chances are that no matter what your preferences are, you’ll find at least a couple of fun and suitable possibilities when shopping for wallpaper.

Why Wallpaper?

Wallpaper differs from paint and other wall treatments in a couple of important ways.

For a start, it brings a lot more depth and dimension to the space.

You don’t have to go for a very textural wallpaper to achieve those results. The right pattern and the right colour combination can create the illusion of layering and create visual interest. Paint is typically flat. That’s a good thing when you’re looking for a blank canvas. But if you want a wall to be the accent in a room, plain and monochromatic paint isn’t going to cut it.

If you are to create the level of detail that wallpaper brings to the table in a more manual way, you’ll have to dedicate a serious amount of money to the project.

That’s the second important reason why you should consider the selection of colourful wallpaper for at least some of your rooms.

Even high quality, special effects wallpaper is a lot more affordable than other types of wall treatment meant to achieve a similar result. You can achieve a mesmerising effect without breaking the bank. Just dedicate enough time to researching wallpapers and selecting the right one. You’ll be surprised by the intensity and visual impact you’ll get to achieve this way.

Finally, when thinking about wallpaper, you could be imagining tacky or psychedelic effects like those typical of 1970s décor. While these options certainly exist, they’re not the only ones. Kitschy is just one of the choices you have. But there are many other options, including tasteful colour combos that  make a statement.

Tips to Harmoniously Incorporate Wallpaper in Your Design

You have to be strategic about the use of colourful wallpaper, otherwise it can quickly overpower your interior design.

You don’t have to go too exaggerated to make a statement.

If you choose a bold colour, pick a more subdued pattern or visual. Or vice versa – go for striking patterns and a more classic colour palette. Bold patterns and bold colours can easily become too much unless you want a striking accent wall that will make a statement people can’t miss.

As a rule of thumb, you should always get samples to check out and consider before buying full scale. A sample will give you a much better idea about the intensity of a colour or the texture of the wallpaper. You can also place the sample against other key décor pieces to make sure they’re not clashing with each other.

And here’s one final tip from us – when in doubt, come up with a theme.

A theme (like nautical, Scandinavian, regal) makes it much easier for you to visualise what you’re trying to accomplish. With a theme to pursue, you’ll find it much easier to tie everything together and achieve the cohesiveness that’s so important for good and memorable home design).

Contact Home Guide if you want your home to look unique and achieve optimal functionality. We’ll guide you, conceptualise the renovation on your behalf and carry out every single step so that you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. All that’s going to be left for you is to sit back, enjoy the ride and feel amazed by the spectacular transformation you’ll observe in the end.

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