Ways Of Creating Multi-Purpose Spaces Using Interior Design

Ways Of Creating Multi-Purpose Spaces Using Interior Design

It’s no secret that Singapore is short on space. Whether you are looking for a small 2-room flexi HDB BTO flat renovation or 3- room BTO flat renovation or even bigger BTO flat renovation, we all want some extra space. Especially in this time and age where home isn’t simply just a place to eat and sleep, but also a place to work. So how do you create this extra room without actually upsizing or getting a new space? Smart-space planning is the answer. Creating a flexible house where different rooms can be turned for other needs  is exactly what we’re talking about. So let’s dig in some more.

Evaluate the rooms and see which ones can be upgraded

interior design 2021 how to effectively combine minimalism and luxury clutter free 1
interior design 2021 how to effectively combine minimalism and luxury clutter free 1

Before you even start renovating your home, take a closer look at each room and see which ones have the potential to be developed  into a multi-purpose room. 

If you’re looking to undergo HDB renovation, be sure to consult with a licensed HDB renovation contractor in Singapore that can be a great help and will make the process smoother. 

Here are some things you need to consider prior to renovating:

  • How will you use the spaces?
  • How many empty areas are there in that room? For example, if you think you can turn your living room into a dining room or a home office, what furniture is there already that can be used for your soon-to-be dining spot or office?
  • How many new features can be added to the living room?
  • How often will you need your living room to turn into something else?

All of these need to be answered before you start your home renovation so that you’ll have a quicker turnaround and save your valuable time. 

There’ll Be No Multi-Purpose Space Without Good Storage. 

interior design 2021 how to effectively combine minimalism and luxury focus on quality 1
interior design 2021 how to effectively combine minimalism and luxury focus on quality 1

We can’t emphasise this enough, clear the clutter! Get rid of things you don’t need to make room for that extra precious space. A minimalist or a luxurious minimalist home interior design style is the perfect choice for an HDB renovation in Singapore. 

Opt for functional and flexible furniture. Imagine having a stool with storage drawers that can be expanded to become a coffee table and collapsed back into a stool. You can keep things such as the remote tv, books, pens, and other miscellaneous items. Here are some other hide-away tactics for small living spaces. 

How about a sofa that can turn into a bed? When you have your friends or family for a sleepover, that sofa can magically become their bed. Get some comforters and have them stored in a cute basket, which is another excellent idea to add to your home storage system. Remember. The fewer items there are on the floors, the more square footage you have for your other desired purposes. 

Use The Corners Of The Room

interior design 2021 how to effectively combine minimalism and luxury lines shapes 1
interior design 2021 how to effectively combine minimalism and luxury lines shapes 1

Here’s another simple and easy way to help you create your multi-purpose rooms. First, look around the house, see if you have any corners and hiding spots that could be put into use. 

Now, you may ask what you could do with an empty corner or a hidden space. The answer is a lot of things! We know it may not look like much, but there is ample space in the corners of the room. For example, you could install an L-shaped desk for your home office or some shelves that you could use to organize your favorite books, memorable photos, decorations, art pieces, or your plants! You get a 2-in-1 solution with corner spaces: you get to add extra features, and at the same time, organise the mess and make extra room. 

Make sure you don’t add the wrong furniture that would create a new problem rather than solving one. There should be one word stuck in your mind when planning to add features to your home interior design, and that is functionality. Think of flexible and easily converted items that require minimum effort. If you’re still feeling clueless, our professional interior design consulting service can help you out! 

Bonus tip: Go and expand vertically. Have vertical shelves or install some wall hangers for your keys or even a bicycle! 

You’ll Be Surprise How Lighting and Colours Can Go A Long Way

Although the following idea is mentioned in this last paragraph, don’t get us wrong. It’s very crucial! You now may have your multi-purpose spaces, but what about the style? Yep. You sure don’t want your new spaces to be dull or boring-looking. Look up some inspiration on how to style up your rooms. 

Lighting is a vital aspect of home interior design. The benefits are plenty. Lighting can give another dimension to a space, helping create the effects of cosiness and spaciousness. 

Did you know that different colours give us different moods and emotions? Choose warm colours such as yellow or red that can energise and even invoke happiness! Other colours like green and blue can have a soothing effect. So what colours are you going to paint your living room/office space? We’d say blue is a good one. You’ll need that calmness when you’re relaxing or working there. 

Are you ready to renovate your HDB or BTO home? Then, make sure to give our home interior design company, that is also a home renovation contractor,  a call or WhatsApp. We are a very experienced help you plan and execute your home interior design dream to reality!  

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