Welcome 2023 with these Home Interior Upgrades

Welcome 2023 with these Home Interior Upgrades

It’s a brand new year and the time has come to freshen things up by giving your home interior design an update. But what exactly should you choose for your home renovation project? Which home improvements make the most sense?

Our home interior designers have a couple of suggestions in terms of 2023 upgrades. Obviously, you have to pick renovations that are in line with your living situation and preferences. Still, looking at some of the top trends for the year will give you a bit of inspiration to explore the full scope of possibilities.

Soft Edges and Curves

home interior design trends soft curves edges

Take a look at your rooms – lots of the design elements are angular. You’ll probably notice lots of edges and sharp lines. While that’s pretty much the norm in the world of interior design, soft edges and curves are starting to gain prominence again.

This trend can be executed in a number of ways – from the selection of curvaceous furniture to the creation of arches and soft recessed niches on the walls.

Curves come with a bit of retro flare but they can improve the flow of the design and make the space look much more harmonious. Soft edges take away some aggressiveness from the home’s interior, lending it a sense of comfort and even romance. If you’re looking for the perfect relaxing atmosphere, this is the interior design trend to embrace right now.

Blast from the Past

home interior design trends vintage

We’ve already touched upon the comeback of retro and vintage trends and it is not slowing down!

Vintage interior design trends always seem to be making a comeback. There’s a reason why home décor from the past decades reappears every once in a while. Every period has its charm and distinctive aesthetic signature. Choosing the right decade results in impressive, unique home décor choices that look much more artistic and exciting than typical modern styles.

According to interior design experts, 2023 is the year during which we’ll see the return of 1970s designs.

Design from the 70s started making a comeback in 2022. This year is going to be another one during which it will keep on going strong.

The decade was characterised by a return to nature, rich textures, lots of handmade items, geometric shapes and bold colours. Many of these elements are highly demanded today.  If you need to, check out 1970s interiors on Pinterest. Chances are that you’ll quickly fall in love with the quirkiness, sustainability and harmonious nature of it all.

Fun with Stencils

home interior design trends stencil art

Are you getting tired of simple, monochromatic walls? If so, you’ll be happy to find out that stencilling provides a fun alternative that is super easy to employ.

Wall art created this way is once again taking inspiration from period interior design.  The use of stencils was especially prominent during the 1930s – yet another well-forgotten opportunity that we’re just beginning to rediscover due to its uniqueness and transformative potential.

Stamping and wall prints were especially prominent parts of both the art deco and art nouveau movements. Today, pre-made stencils are very easy to find in home improvement stores. These can even be printed at home if you have the right equipment.

It’s really up to you to decide whether your stencils are going to be highly elaborate and very decorative or a bit more minimalist. Geometric shapes, florals, animal silhouettes, abstract shapes – these are just a few of the possibilities. You can also choose the right colour for stencilling. Some make the project simple by using black to create silhouettes. Others employ brighter colour(s) to breathe life into the interior design.

The Hideaway Home Office

home interior design trends stencil art

Our world will never be the same following the Covid-19 pandemic. We learned to do lots of things at home. Business has also been changed. Many companies saw the benefits of the remote work model and turned it into a temporary thing.

If you’re one of the lucky people who have the freedom to work from home, you definitely need a home office. The problem is that many Singaporean flats lack the space required to dedicate to a professional area that’s well-designed and distraction-free.

The hideaway home office is a perfect solution for this problem.

The term refers to an area that can be concealed effortlessly or that’s positioned in an inconspicuous way. A little corner or a nook, for example, can easily be transformed into a home office. For the best result, seek a space that can’t be utilised in any other way. Turning it into a functional corner will add more value to your flat and provide opportunities to extend functionality.

Using multi-purpose furniture or movable partitions to create a hideaway home office also rank among the excellent ideas that many interior designers will employ over the course of 2023. Such solutions deliver a ton of flexibility and while they may be expensive (chances are that you’ll need to order custom pieces to match the available space), you will get to enjoy an excellent return on investment.

Over the course of 2023, we will see a focus on sustainable, comfortable, harmonious and distinctive interior design. Classics will make a strong comeback and homeowners will enjoy the freedom to personalise in any way they fancy. As interior designers, we are excited about the possibilities and the extent to which interior design projects can be elevated and tailored.

Contact Home Guide now if you want to enjoy brighter, happier and more exciting home in 2023. Working together with our interior design team and home renovation contractor, we will give you the dream space that you’ve always fancied but never considered actually bringing to reality.

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