What 2019 Looked Like in the Interior Design World

What 2019 Looked Like in the Interior Design World

2019 was an interesting year in the world of interior design. Technology and tradition came together, resulting in some pretty eclectic and exciting developments.

Home interior design in Singapore was shaped up by some really practical and some really whimsical choices. Singapore interior design professionals adopted many of these prominent trends, producing some spectacular outcomes for their clients.

So, what did the world of interior design look like in 2019? Are some of the concepts that dominated the scene here to stay and will they continue contributing to beautiful solutions in 2020 and beyond?

Layered Landscapes

Layered landscapes were really, really in throughout 2019. Some experts believe this trend is here to stay for a longer period of time because of the cohesive, visually-pleasing outcome it produces.

The term layered landscape refers to the scale of the furniture pieces chosen for a particular room. Usually, seating pieces are the ones that set the tone and other furnishing are chosen to measure and scale. Lights should also be scaled to cast sufficient illumination over a functional or a decorative area.

Layered landscapes characterised by various heights came to replace the previously popular low-profile furniture. Traditionally, seating like sofas and loveseats has been relatively low and close to the floor. Through the selection of layered landscape items, seating can be a lot taller and it also provides the opportunity for the selection of more streamlined and elegant (rather than squatty) pieces like coffee tables and lamps, for example.

We really hope that layered landscapes are here to stay because the outcomes are beautiful and highly personalised. Home Décor has worked on many such jobs through the years and you can see some examples of modern layered landscapes in our residential portfolio.

Colour in Unusual Places

Breaking some of the interior design rules previously set in stone has also been defining for the sector in 2019.

Interior designers started experimenting more frivolously with colour in places and spaces that were previously lacking in hues.

Painted ceilings, for example, dominated many interior design projects during the year.

The ceiling is already being perceived as a fifth wall – a large canvas that can strengthen the interior design concept or even add a new dimension to it. Contemporary projects very often feature daring, bright and bold paint colours on the ceiling – something that was completely out of the question a couple of decades ago.

This concept has been extended through various other unusual choices. Colourful kitchen appliances are one example of such a bizarre way of adding a splash of brightness to the kitchen. When combined with the typically neutral palette of the kitchen, these appliances create a bright and cheerful environment for quality family time together.

Colour in unusual places will probably persist as a trend but new expressions will be sought. We’re not 100 per cent confident in the longevity of coloured kitchen appliances but they’re a nice experiment that breaks the mould and introduces a bit of fun to a place where function and practicality used to dominate.

The Evolution of the Kitchen Cabinet

How could a kitchen cabinet evolve so much from its classic counterpart? 2019 was the year during which we saw that evolution happen before our eyes.

Brass and gold fixtures gave way to matte blacks and gunpowder choices. While these look a bit more subdued, they’re incredibly elegant, streamlined and modern.

Open shelves have also started dominating the world of kitchen cabinetry. Some interior designers claim that the days of the standard cherry or walnut kitchen cabinet are over. Instead, metal and even glass open shelves are adding minimalism to the kitchen, boosting functionality and ensuring easy access to all essentials.

Experiental Interior Design

As a prominent Singapore interior design company, we believe that experiential design is the breakthrough trend of 2019 that will continue dominating the home décor landscape over the coming year.

There’s a simple reason why experiential design has become so popular – many clients do not know what they want in terms of home décor until they experience it thats why we have done something along this trend with our HomeAlive 360° Design Package.

The full experiential design allows people to “experience” all elements of the home décor concept. The design approach is human-centred. It allows for effortless interactions with the environment through sound, touch and even the use of scents.

In this sense, experiential interior design is holistic and much more challenging to execute properly. When the project is done professionally, however, and it manages to engage all of the client’s senses, magic is born.

Spaces allow for subjective experiences because each person perceives the environment in a highly individual way. Experiential design factors in the subjective nature of interacting with the environment, giving everyone some form of engagement (whether sensory, emotional or even pragmatic).

This is a very innovative discipline that gained traction in 2019 and will continue evolving in 2020. It shifts the manner in which interior design work is done, allowing home owners to get a space that’s in line with their practical needs, feelings and emotions.

Experiential design is yet another trend that’s adding to the fluidity of home décor. Personalisation has been dominating the landscape for years but unless human-centred elements are introduced, many opportunities for proper engagement will be missed.

We had a really exciting, fresh and colourful interior design year in 2019 and we hope that 2020 will carry on the legacy of its predecessor. One thing is certain – we can’t wait to see the new developments that will rise to the top and the trends that will become obsolete forever.

And if you’re looking for a partner to help you explore the interior design world in 2020, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us right now and let us know what your vision is. We promise to bring it to reality.

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