What Does a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Look Like and Does Your Home Need One?

What Does a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Look Like and Does Your Home Need One?

Somewhat retro with a touch of contemporary and modernity and a focus on functionality, mid-century modern interior design has been around for some time and its popularity is well-established. But how could something be mid-century and modern at the same time? That’s the beauty of it. A fusion of two very different concepts often delivers wonderful results.

A mid-century modern kitchen brings together modern conveniences and a lot of vintage-style cosiness. Is it the right one for your home? The answer depends on your priorities for the space. In order to make an informed choice, it’s essential to first get a good grasp of the concept and its key elements.

What Is a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen?

A mid-century modern kitchen features lots of natural materials, organic curves and flowing lines, as well as bright and sometimes even eccentric colours used in juxtaposition with the other elements. Yes, that’s a lot to look forward to. This is the reason why a mid-century modern kitchen requires a good concept and some eye for detail in order to work.

Vintage and futuristic can work really well together, as long as there’s some theme or an idea that ties everything together.

The Key Elements of Mid-Century Modern Design

mid century modern kitchen home interior design styles

If you focus on a couple of key elements, you’ll successfully bring the mid-century modern aesthetic in your home.

The first aspect of mid-century modern design is minimalism with a touch of eccentricity. Furniture is simple and ergonomic. Lots of space is left empty, allowing the room to breathe. When these things are in place, a more colourful and bright element is going to look just right and not too much.

In addition, a mid-century modern kitchen needs to mix different materials and aesthetics together. Natural options like marble and wood can be contrasted through the use of synthetics like plastic and vinyl. Modern appliances and vintage elements also create a beautiful contrast.

Originally, mid-century modern interior design focused on the beauty of outdoor spaces. Hence, it’s a good idea to try bringing some of that natural beauty in. A little herb garden in the kitchen, for example, will be a perfect addition to this interior design style.

Finally, it’s important to choose the right colour scheme. A few subdued tones that are contrasted by something much more colourful (like a neon tone, for example) will work exceptionally well. The mid-century modern colour palette is grounded in nature but it also highlights the importance of keeping things light and fun.

Is a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Right for Your Home?


Every interior design style can work really well in a modern Singaporean flat.

Choosing the right theme is all about understanding your lifestyle and the home décor elements that will enhance it.

If you like functional stuff with a touch of nostalgia, a mid-century modern kitchen is going to be a perfect choice for you.

A Few Ideas to Help You Execute a Mid-Century Modern Concept

You probably already have some vision of what mid-century modern kitchens have to look like. If you don’t, check out a few online galleries. There are lots of cool examples that will give you inspiration.

To make a mid-century modern kitchen happen, you’ll need to prioritise a couple of ideas and concepts.

Start by prioritising natural elements and materials. Wooden cabinets or laminate alternatives, a marble countertop (or a synthetic material that looks like marble), greenery and even a forest-inspired colour palette will all give you the foundations of a mid-century modern kitchen.

Next, create accents in bright and exciting colours. Hot pink, orange, bright blue – these are some excellent choices but they’re not the only ones. Obviously, such accents have to be used sparingly in order not to overpower the kitchen space.

In terms of appliances, select clean, functional and modern pieces. Select those that are energy-efficient. Choose materials like stainless steel.  To make things a bit more intriguing, you can also choose one or two vintage appliances. A retro coffee maker on the countertop will be such a fun touch that you’ll definitely enjoy in the morning.

Now’s the time to think about a couple of retro elements in your modern and clean kitchen space. These are the ones that will give it the mid-century flare.

Furniture gives you of the easiest choices, especially due to the fact that you can easily find authentic pieces in vintage shops and boutiques. A few pieces of art hung on the wall will also be a nice touch, regardless of the fact that many people don’t display paintings/prints in the kitchen.

To sum it all up, keep it authentic (a genuine vintage spice rack will be such a lovely addition to the kitchen!) but also fun. Your personality and aesthetic sense should guide you. Trust your instincts and be selective about the addition of vintage pieces. Genuine ones will make a statement, even if they’re not large and prominent.

A kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your flat so you have to get its design right. Contact Home Guide now if you’d like a professional home interior design company to help make this happen. Not only will we ace a mid-century modern concept, like we have for a variety of styles, we’ll help you bring just about any other vision to reality.

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