What Is a Box Room and How Can You Make the Most of It?

What Is a Box Room and How Can You Make the Most of It?

As the name suggests, a box room is tiny. As such, it is often under-utilised. A box room, however, can offer quite a lot in terms of storage space and versatility. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, the following guide will give you a clearer view of the concept.

What Is a Box Room?

A box room is usually one of the smallest spaces in the house. Typically, it is used as a storage room or a guest bedroom. In a HDB flat that would be your bomb shelter. Because of its small size, the box room can host a limited number of furniture pieces. This is the reason why the potential uses can seem very limited at first.

Traditionally, box rooms have been used to house everything that doesn’t fit in another part of the flat.

Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, many people across the world started thinking about a transformation. Spending more time at home means needing a number of extra things inside the flat. This is why many box rooms have been transformed into studies, home gyms or even meditation/wellness spaces.

Using a box room as a storage space is always a good choice but it’s not necessarily optimal. If you want to add value to your flat, broaden your horizons a bit and give your box room a functional makeover.

A Walk-In Wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is the ultimate space that so many fashion aficionados are dreaming about. Unfortunately, many Singaporean flats lack such a dedicated space.

Turning your box room into a walk-in wardrobe is an exciting project that will help you get your clothing items and accessories in perfect order. The best aspect of this renovation is that the transformation doesn’t require an awful lot. Some shelving will usually be sufficient to get the job done.

Start by thinking where the hanging space is going to be located. It is the focal element in a walk-in wardrobe. All of the shelving will be situated around the hanging space. Coming up with the right configuration will make your box room feel spacious and it will help you get to the belongings you need quickly.

Sliding racks and some clever cabinetry can also help maximise space. Having a good idea about the volume of stuff you want to put in the box room will allow for accurate estimation of the best storage configuration.

Turn the Box Room into a Home Office

This idea has been mentioned briefly into the intro but it’s such a great concept that a little bit of additional elaboration is warranted.

A home office is becoming more demanded than ever before with  more employees enjoying some workplace flexibility. And even if you don’t work from home, such a space can still be utilised in a number of ways. It can be the perfect spot for your child’s learning activities. A home office can also be used to read and concentrate on important tasks (especially if you lack another quiet space).

The perfect home office doesn’t need to be big. In fact, you can feature a foldable desk and turn the box room into a multi-purpose one.

Give Yourself a Powder Room

A powder room is often considered a bit of an outdated concept but it can become a really fun and relaxing personal space for you to enjoy.

Traditionally, powder rooms were the spaces where guests freshened up after a long journey, before spending some quality time with the hosts. Hence, a powder room has bathroom elements and it can also be designed as a boudoir or even a home spa.

A small space is perfect for a powder room because this one doesn’t need all the fixtures a traditional bathroom has.

If you’d like to create the illusion of more space, opt for an all-white colour scheme. The strategic placement of mirrors is also a good choice. The reflected light will make the powder room seem larger and much more inviting.

Fun and Tiny Playroom

Anyone who has a kid knows that space in the flat is never enough for a little explorer.

A box room can be transformed into a fun play area. Elements should be chosen to correspond to a child’s age but they should also offer a bit of versatility, increasing the lifespan of the room.

Multi-purpose pieces are a great choice (and they’re also awesome in a child’s bedroom). Pull-out furniture is also a suitable idea because it leaves enough space for play time. As far as storage is concerned, go vertical rather than horizontal. A wall can even be used to paint a game board – an additional space saver that will completely transform the experience.

A Few Bonus Ideas

As you can see, a box room can be so many different things. And we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the possibilities.

If you’re looking for an alternative suggestion, here are a few. A box room can be turned into a nursery for a baby, a dressing room, a creativity or hobby space, a perfectly organised utility room or even a workshop.

Do you have a certain concept that you really like but don’t know how to execute? Contact Home Guide and we’ll make it happen for you. Personalised projects that are tailored to one’s lifestyle are our forte – check out our residential portfolio to get a better understanding of our style and versatility.

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