What Is Muji Décor Style and How to Bring It to Your Home

What Is Muji Décor Style and How to Bring It to Your Home

Are you familiar with Mujirushi Ryōhin or the No Brand Quality Goods trend? If you’re just hearing about it for the first time, you’ve missed on a fun, clean and minimal opportunity to decorate and renovate your home.

Mujirushi Ryōhin or Muji for short is a successful brand from Japan. The aim is to deliver very simple, very functional, high quality items that have quickly gotten a big number of followers and dedicated fans.

Muji products are so popular that they’ve in fact become the term for a particular design style.

If you want to live in a Muji-inspired home, you can accomplish the task in a couple of distinctive ways. Here are the main rules.

Understand the Essence of Muji Interior Design

To execute a Muji concept, you have to understand what the term stands for.

Muji is straightforward. There are no ornaments, no needless elements or excessive decorations. Every single item should serve a purpose and do so in the most minimalist and clean way possible.

In the Muji aesthetics, less is always more. Clearing your home from clutter is considered one of the key goals to make the interior spacious, inviting and healthy. In this sense, Muji interior designs are reminiscent of minimalist and Scandinavian executions.

Muji, however, isn’t just about the minimalism. The focus also falls on quality over quantity. Thus, furniture pieces and home décor are well-made and crafted from the best materials. Well-crafted furniture is the heart and soul of mindful, zen living. The inside of your home should be a reflection of your life philosophy. Thus, you should focus on the finer things that serve a specific purpose and do so with style.

Based on these considerations, here are a few options to make the Muji-inspired home décor happen.

Choose Furniture Made from Natural, Solid Materials

Untreated solid wood (preferably light colours), stainless steel, other metals and glass are all choices of preference for Muji-inspired homes.

Forget about plastics and other synthetics. They’re flimsy, they’re not sustainable and they cheapen the vision. In addition, such materials are not as long-lived as well-made furniture crafted from high quality materials.

The beauty of Muji interiors is that they are no-brand executions. This means you’re free from having to look in designer stores. You can source furniture from many different places (including vintage finds), as long as the item under consideration meets the functional and aesthetic criteria.

Keep It Clean and Neat with Built-in Storage

Forget about bulky and obtrusive storage solutions. The cleaner and neater your storage is, the more space and room you’ll have for fun living.

Built-in storage solutions can be a bit more expensive than regular shelves but opting for such choices will eventually pay off.

It’s very easy to hide a storage compartment behind a sliding door or a partition. In fact, the partition itself could feature shelves so that it serves two purposes at the same time.

Muji design makes use of spaces that will remain unutilised. If you can come up with a smart and concealed storage solution for your home, you should most definitely go for it.

Plan for Flexibility

This is one of the most important and probably most beneficial benefits of Muji interiors.

Muji furniture and home décor are both crafted with the understanding that life needs change. You will have a specific desire during every phase of your existence. Thus, home designs should maintain a high degree of flexibility to enable modifications as your needs change.

Movable partitions, multi-purpose furniture and lightweight home décor choices all accommodate for this particular need. The same applies to architectural elements like raised platforms (a great choice for exercise and meditation) that can easily be turned into a guest corner or a studying zone.

Think smart and view your space as multi-purpose. If you’re finding it difficult to pinpoint all of the ways in which a particular room can be utilised, let a professional Singapore home interior design company see it. Based on your lifestyle preferences and the specifics of the flat, an expert in the field will come up with more than one choice for you.

Keep the Colour Scheme Light

Bright, electric and unnatural tones like hot pink are far from Zen and they don’t belong in the Muji aesthetic.

Keeping colours light allows the beauty of natural materials and solid pieces of furniture shine.

While there isn’t a strictly set Muji colour scheme, the more natural you keep your selection, the better.

White, natural timber tones, grey, cream, beige and light blue are all excellent choices that fit within the Muji concept. Needless to say, you can experiment with tones that are out of these suggestions. Still, you should seek harmony and balance. Tones play a supportive role here and they’re most definitely not the star of the show.

Look at trees, stones, flowers and the sky. The colours that nature has to offer are the ones to bring inside your flat if you want to Muji-fy it.

The concept of Muji design is very fresh and versatile. Do some online browsing to get acquainted with it – Pinterest does have a lot to offer.

If you believe that Muji design is the right one for your home, get in touch with Home Guide now. We can execute your Miuji-inspired décor and flat upgrade. We believe in the power of minimal and functional choices. Please check out our residential portfolio to learn a bit more about who we are and what kinds of projects we like to work on.

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