What Is Sculptural Furniture and Do You Need It?

What Is Sculptural Furniture and Do You Need It?

Looking for some new furniture, you went to the nearby store to check out what’s available. Unfortunately, none of the pieces there caught your eye. They lacked the personality and fun you were seeking.

Does this scenario apply to you?

If so, sculptural furniture could be the exact thing you’re looking for.

What Is Sculptural Furniture?

Sculptural furniture made headlines lately as one of the newest interior design trends that’s gaining tons of popularity.

As the name suggests, sculptural furniture brings intense aesthetics and function together. Regular furniture is a lot more functional. It often lacks the dramatic flair that makes sculptural furniture unique and attractive.

Sculptural furniture, in a sense, is a piece of art you can interact with it. Like other types of art, it’s available in numerous styles ranging from hyper-realistic to abstract. A hand-shaped chair is a very popular example of sculptural furniture you can seek online. In other instances, sculptural furniture creators play with shapes and colours to give you something quite unorthodox and modernistic.

Hence, sculptural furniture is an umbrella term for lots and lots of pieces. That’s great because you have the freedom to explore many options before pinpointing the one you’re most drawn to. Regardless of the fact that the trend is fairly new, there’s quite a lot of pieces you can examine and buy (or have custom-made for you).

Types of Sculptural Furniture

Let’s check out some of the most common sculptural furniture varieties. Realistic and abstract are two choices we’ve already mentioned but there are others, as well.

Tubular furniture is often oversized in form and very bold in terms of colour. The trend originated in the 1970s and it brings some fun retro chic to interior design. Tubular furniture is usually chunky but it has rounded corners. The trend can be applied to chairs, sofas, tables, beds and various other types of furniture.

Many sculptural furniture creators also use geometric elements and symmetry to create outstandingly beautiful designs that are also very functional. Do check for such pieces on Pinterest, they’re striking and a great choice for just about any home.

Post-modern sculptural furniture is also worth mentioning.  These pieces are large and bold. They have almost child-like naiveté and over-exaggeration to the shape and form. Think of pop art on steroids and you’ll have some idea what post-modern sculptural furniture looks like.

There are various other choices, as well. Some sculptural furniture creators are inspired by nature (in their choice of materials or shapes). These pieces have a more organic, subtle feel to them.

And last but not least, there are the pieces that look like actual sculptures. These could feature carved wood or elaborate metal elements that resemble an actual sculpture you can place in our living room. Usually, these are one-of-a-kind, unique pieces that carry a ton of artistic vision and cannot be replicated due to their ornate nature.

Bringing Sculptural Furniture into Your Home

Rules about using sculptural furniture aren’t set in stone. You’ll have to take into account a couple of things to make the most of these pieces and turn them into your home’s shining star.

Understand the fact you don’t need to be an art connoisseur to select such unorthodox furniture pieces. Just trust your gut when researching. You’ll feel instantly drawn to certain pieces and styles. These are the ones to consider getting.

Even if an item you like is borderline kitsch, it can still be incorporated in beautiful and modern interior design. The key to making that happen is balance.

When using sculptural furniture, you have to let those pieces “breathe.” In other words, sculptural furniture doesn’t need tons of accessories to stand out. It does that on its own. A few accents like a rug in front of the sofa or a plant by its side are fine but you don’t need a whole lot more.

Also, you don’t have to match sculptural furniture to the other pieces in the respective room. Eclectic design can be really fun, especially if you have an eye for detail and you pick and choose items that look nice alongside each other.

And if you don’t have that eye for detail, you can count on some professional assistance.

A well-established interior design company in Singapore can help you on several fronts.

For a start, interior design professionals like the Home Guide team can help you find a contractor who’ll make custom pieces for you. The quality of execution is very important for every home décor element but even more so for sculptural furniture. Not only do these pieces need to look good, they also have to work as expected.

Also, we can make that custom piece a perfect match to the home interior you’re hoping to achieve. It’s our passion to work on such highly personalised projects. Just let us know what your dream home looks like and we’ll make that vision happen.

Contact Home Guide now to start your home’s transformation and turn the interior in an actual piece of art.

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