What to Do about a HDB Apartment Ceiling Leak

What to Do about a HDB Apartment Ceiling Leak

If you live on the top floor of a HDB residential building, you’re probably enjoying the view but you also have worries that the other tenants don’t need to deal with. Ceiling and roof problems have a direct effect on your apartment. In such instances, a home renovation project becomes mandatory. As an HDB apartment owner, however, you’ll have to follow several key steps in terms of getting the problem fixed.

Even if your apartment is located on a lower floor, you may still run into ceiling issues. Since these are considered a structural problem, you will be free from having to handle the situation on your own.

Leak Repair Responsibility

According to the official HDB guidelines, the owners of both upper and lower floors have a shared responsibility for the management of ceiling leaks.

If a problem arises that necessitates repairs, you and your neighbours have to make the necessary arrangements together. The cost of the renovation is split among all of the individuals who live in the building.

This provision will probably give you some peace of mind. The financial burden doesn’t fall solely on you. Structural problems impact the entire building, hence everyone will need to be involved in the management of the renovation process and its cost.

Best Methods for Addressing Ceiling Leaks

Depending on the severity of the leak and the floor that it has occurred on, the HDB will recommend one of several property renovation options. Re-screeding is one of the possibilities. In some instances, however, ceiling leaks are caused by more serious issues. If this is the case, multiple renovation methods will have to be employed to get the best outcome.

A sequence of steps for the renovation will involve the removal of the floor tiles, the screed and fixtures on the respective floor. This initial procedure will be followed by thorough clearing of particles from the hacked surface. Next, the contractors will decide which repairs will give the best results. New waterproof screed will have to be installed. There could also be a need for the treatment of gully surround or a localised repair.

Waterproofing is a relatively simple process. Once the contractor begins work, they will have three days to complete the entire process.

Other methods that can be utilised to address a ceiling leak include the injection of chemical grout, the application of nanotechnology waterproofing materials or the use of the flood infusion method.

Discuss these possibilities with the contractor responsible for the addressing of the ceiling leak. Reputable Singapore renovation companies will take a look at the situation and the main cause of the problem. Based on this information, the most adequate repair methodology will be selected.

Other Tips and Suggestions

The above-mentioned recommendations are a basic guideline provided by the HDB. Obviously, these methods aren’t going to be effective every single time a ceiling leak occurs. Thus, you have to understand the specifics of the situation and if necessary, you can opt for an alternative renovation method.

It’s important to inform the HDB or the Town Council about the situation. When you do, you will be provided with additional information and some assistance. If you work with an HDB-certified interior design company, these professionals will be responsible for carrying out the official communication on your behalf.

In the case of a leak originating from the roof of the building, you will need to inform the Town Council before doing anything else. The roof is a part of the building’s community property and such property is maintained by the respective Town Council.

You can also make use of the HDB Good Will Repair Assistance Scheme.

When participating in the scheme, you will get financial assistance from the Housing and Development Board. The HDB will pay 50 per cent of the repair cost and the remainder will be split among the tenants in the building.

What to Do When Neighbours Don’t Want to Cooperate

The HDB guidelines make it clear that everyone in the building is responsible for structural issues like a ceiling leak.

Regardless of this fact, however, it’s possible to come across uncooperative neighbours who refuse to share the financial burden and the responsibility for the renovation process.

The good news is that you’re entitled to legal protection in such situations.

Once again, you should begin by informing the HDB about the situation. In some instances, the HDB will rely on the services of mediators to help neighbours reach an agreement about the upcoming renovation. Usually, the process is enough to resolve the problem and to facilitate a quick and affordable repair.

In case neighbours are still refusing to accept their responsibility, the HDB may undertake legal action against them. Obviously, this is a last resort possibility that will only be employed when all other methods of communication have been exhausted.

Take Some Time to Choose the Right Contractor!

Ceiling leaks are a serious issue that can compromise the integrity of the building. This is why you need to invest some time in contractor research and identifying the right professionals for the job.

It’s best to opt for HDB-certified professionals who will follow the guidelines set by the Housing and Development Board. The HDB website features a comprehensive directory of contractors you can choose among. Apart from making sure they’re licensed, you’ll also need to identify professionals who have a good reputation and a big number of satisfied clients.

Your Singapore interior design company could also offer assistance. Interior designers work with many contractors and they know which companies or professionals can do the best job under the circumstances.

If you need some professional assistance, you should get in touch with the Home Guide team. We have extensive experience and HDB certification. We know how ceiling leak repairs have to take place and what is needed to choose the best contractor for the job.

Don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance – it can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Act fast because ceiling leaks will become aggravated with the passage of time. The sooner you get the issue fixed, the less complicated and costly the repair is going to be.

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