What to Do with Family Heirlooms and How to Use Them in Your Home’s Design

What to Do with Family Heirlooms and How to Use Them in Your Home’s Design

Family heirlooms carry a lot of significance but hey, they can be difficult to integrate in a modern interior design concept. So, what do you do with such pieces and how do you turn them into a seamless part of your brand new home interior design?

Focus on the Contrast between Old and New

Let’s get one thing straight – there’s no way to marry modern pieces and family heirlooms in a manner that’s harmonious. Rather, you have to make the most of individual strengths. The juxtaposition between traditional and modern can work really well if you are strategic about making it happen.

Intentional contrast looks interesting. Attempts to “conceal” the conservative value of heirlooms are going to feel forced. That’s why you want an approach that emphasises differences in an effortless, fun way.

Don’t be afraid of displaying family heirlooms in a way that’s not traditional. For example, a set of fine china plates you inherited from your grandma can be displayed as art on the wall. Making these heirlooms a statement rather than a functional piece draws attention to them in an innovative way. You honour the heritage while also getting the modern china that you’d like to have as part of your kitchen interior design. It’s a win-win situation.

Don’t Be Afraid of Altering Heirlooms

Sometimes, a vintage piece of furniture or an accessory is not going to fit your home décor concept. No matter how hard you try, it will stick out like a sore thumb and make you question every decision in your brand new home.

In such instances, you shouldn’t worry about doing some changes to an heirloom piece.

Getting new upholstery or adding a fresh coat of paint will result in an immediate transformation. At the same time, you’re maintaining the framework that gives the piece its authenticity. A subtle modification pays homage to the original while also bringing it in the contemporary world. A slight alteration is a much better idea than discarding a piece altogether.

If you don’t know how to change an heirloom, get in touch with an experienced interior designer. Someone who has a good understanding of different styles and eras will know what changes will deliver subtle yet powerful modernisation effects.

When in Doubt – Repurpose

Who said you have to use an heirloom in the intended way?

Some of the coolest home decors twist traditional concepts and literally turn heirlooms on their head. If you think you can get creative with the function of a home décor item, do it. The end result is going to be unique and perfectly suited to your style.

An old cabinet your auntie left you could easily be transformed in a bedroom vanity. A traditional chest or a vintage trunk will become such a fun coffee table.

Let your imagination do the work and trust your instinct. A simple, solid traditional bench can be very difficult to use at home if you prefer more streamlined furniture. With a bit of work, however, it can be turned into a crib or a shoe cabinet with some built-in seating. Sometimes, you will need to carry out more thorough design changes and that’s ok. As long as you manage to preserve the spirit of the heirloom, you’ll still be enjoying its originality and the traditional craftsmanship that made it special in the first place.

Create a Special Place for Your Heirlooms

Instead of trying to scatter heirlooms throughout the home and making them work with the rest of the décor, consider dedicating a special corner to these valuable pieces.

A walk down memory lane is always a good idea, especially if you have the space to make it happen.

You don’t need an entire room for the presentation of your traditional heritage. A corner in the living room may be enough to feature some of the most valuable and sentimental items.

The way in which you display those pieces is going to be most important. Framing small objects like photos, scarves, clothing items, crochet bags, tapestries will instantly lift them and give them the status of art rather than clutter. Fragile pieces can also be displayed in glass boxes –a cool protective option that also fits modern interior design perfectly.

Here’s one final thing to remember – using family heirlooms is about quality rather than quantity. If you’ve inherited lots of pieces, you may want to consider putting those on storage and going through everything before attempting to do home décor integration. Some family heirlooms are valuable and timeless while others will simply have to be discarded.

As a person who isn’t a professional, you may find it impossible to differentiate between the treasures and the mundane pieces.

If that’s the case, we’d be glad to help you out. Contact Home Guide and let our interior design company know what you’ve inherited and how you’d like to work with these objects. We’ll come up with a thorough concept that’s tailored to your needs. Once we receive your approval, the Home Guide home renovation contractor team will also work on the execution of the home renovation to make sure it matches every project specification.

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