2018: What To Expect In The Home Interior Design Industry

2018: What To Expect In The Home Interior Design Industry

2018 is a totally fresh start, and the next chapter in home interior design trends features only the most a la mode. The current trends are evolving into something bigger and better, while some older ones are carving a permanent space in the ‘timeless’ category. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to find in the home interior design industry in 2018.

Evolution of Millennial Pink

Millenial Pink - the New Colour Trend of 2018

2017 was all about blush pink, which was later lovingly dubbed as “Millennial” pink. This colour has been dominating the home interior design industry with its soft pastel tones and a relatively ‘innocent’ aesthetic. It’s become quite a beloved colour, but like all flash trends, it’s making way for newer, more current and in-demand colours. Lavender and lilacs are slowly but surely taking over the craze that was blush pink in 2017. So you can definitely expect a lot of lilacs and lavenders in 2018.

Hunkering Down Statement Art Pieces

Statement Art in Home Interior Design

If you’ve been thinking about making the gallery wall a part of your home interior design, then think again! This trend is surely going to be a total ‘has been’ in 2018, mostly because it’s being overtaken by the ‘statement art’ wave. Instead of displaying a collection of picture frames on an accent wall, you can simply display a large statement art piece to make a great, relatable impact on the space. You can curate the best pieces; it can be graphic art, paintings or even an oversized picture frame.

Breaking Out The Gold Accents

Interior Design Trend - Gold Accent

Each year sees a new crop of metal accents – 2017 was all about the copper, while 2018 is going to see an influx of gold. Of course the gold has to be used in a respectable manner – too much of it can seem garish, while too little can be unnoticeable. You can ornament your home interior designs with gold decoration pieces or even go for lightly accented gold trimmed furniture. If you want to go the extra mile, then a gold framed decorative console mirror can also make a nice centerpiece.

Similar Toned Colour Schemes

Home Interior Design Trend - Similar Tones

Another trend that’s catching on fast to become a winner is the tone-on-tone effect. In 2018, you’ll be seeing a lot of same-colored interior designs. Instead of using two completely contrasting color schemes, you’ll notice a preference for similar hues and tints of the same color in an interior space. For example, if your base color is brown, then your contrast can be beige or skin or a similar tint.

Breakout Material: Terrazzo

Residential Interior Design Trends - Terrazo

Gone are the days of marble accenting – these days, terrazzo is the ultimate winner in that respect. From floors to decorative features and accent walls, you’ll see an abundance of terrazzo in 2018. So if you’re thinking of renovating, then definitely invest in a small amount of terrazzo accents to make your home interior designs seem extra trendy this year.

Our Interior design company in Singapore has been keeping up with the changing trends that follow each year for more than two decades. Our ability to juggle these variating aesthetics is what makes us one of the top notch firms of interior design in Singapore.

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