Freshening Up Your Home Interior Design Before The New Year For A Beautiful 2022

Freshening Up Your Home Interior Design Before The New Year For A Beautiful 2022

How long will a home interior design and renovation take? The answer to that question depends on the specific kinds of work you want to have done. Unfortunately, pandemic realities have made it more difficult to carry out certain kinds of renovation. In fact, many homeowners are finding themselves in a sticky situation because of delays and renovation limitations.

If you’re planning to freshen up your home before the arrival of the new year, you should definitely start communicating with a home interior design company in Singapore right now. Postponing the preliminary research could make it impossible to finalise the project in due time. Here’s why.

Planning and Executing Extensive Home Interior Design Upgrades Is Tricky Right Now

Covid-19 safety measures have made it difficult for many Singapore interior design companies to keep up with their renovation schedules. The situation is serious enough to have caused months of delays in the execution and completion of more extensive projects.

Border restrictions with Malaysia, as well as the Circuit Breaker measures that were still effective in the beginning of the year contributed to some issues pertaining to maintaining sufficiently large renovation teams.

Many foreign renovation workers that Singaporean interior design companies rely on chose to remain in Malaysia due to quarantine periods that Singapore enacted upon entry from the country. As a result, renovation schedules have had to be pushed back because of the limited workforce. As of now, the delays mean that many companies will be fully-booked and incapable of completing extensive renovation works until the end of the third or even fourth quarter of 2021.

Labour-intensive jobs like tiling, demolition, reconstruction and masonry are heavily dependent on the experience and skills of workers from abroad. The contractors who are in Singapore right now are fully packed with such work. Hence, many interior design companies cannot offer their clients the immediate comprehensive services that are typical within the field.

Planning an Extensive Home Renovation

If you want to carry out a complete interior design overhaul, the time has come to get to it. If you do make the first steps right now, extensive renovation work can commence in September or October. As a result, you will be capable of fulfilling the project by the end of the year.

It’s important to establish the preliminary communication as soon as possible.

Singapore has many interior design companies but needless to say, you have to make the right choice for a interior design partner. Hiring someone who lacks the experience and the communication skills can result in a disastrous outcome. At the same time, the best industry representatives are the ones dealing with the biggest number of bookings right now.

There really is no need to postpone.

You can still welcome 2022 in a brand new home. For the purpose, you should have a pretty good idea about the scope of work you’d like to have done and you should also approach interior design professionals right now.

Companies like Home Guide offer their clients quick, easy and effortless opportunities to schedule a first consultation. During that meeting, you’d get to discuss the most important aspects of the project, the way it will be executed, the cost and the timeline for the completion. If you’re unhappy with any of these aspects, you can move on to seeking an alternative.

To discuss an interior design project that you’d like to complete before the beginning of the new year, do the following:

  • Do some online research to come across interior design service providers who are capable of offering the solutions you’re looking for (checking out home interior design and renovation portfolios can give you a really good idea)
  • Get in touch with the companies you’re interested in working with right now and schedule a first consultation
  • Draft a list of questions about project specifics, the renovation jobs that will have to be handled and the deadlines
  • Request a detailed price quote that features both the cost and the timeline for the completion of the interior design upgrade
  • If you’re happy with the renovation schedule, you’ll next need to sign an agreement that’s legally-binding for both parties involved (never agree to a verbal arrangement, especially when it comes to timelines and financial issues)
  • Get started with the project

Before agreeing to anything, make sure that the contractual obligations of both parties are extensively defined. A good contract should also feature fines, compensations and other compensatory mechanisms that will protect your rights as a customer.

Having a brand new home before the new year is possible if you get started now. And making that first step is so easy

Contact Home Guide today to schedule your first consultation and get a better idea about feasible timelines and the scope of work that can be completed by then.

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