What’s the Difference between Interior Design and Interior Architecture?

What’s the Difference between Interior Design and Interior Architecture?

Various disciplines deal with designing functional and visually stunning interiors. Two of the most prominent are interior design and interior architecture. While these approaches aim to deliver the same outcome, they achieve the goal in very specific ways.

Also, the people who practice these professions need to have distinctive skill sets acquired through the respective type of educational degree or licensing programme.

What Is Interior Architecture?

The aim of interior architecture is to redesign a living or working space in a way that’s very functional and focused on the selection of the right construction materials and techniques.

Interior architecture predominantly focuses on structural elements inside the space – windows and doors, walls, ventilation systems, heating, plumbing, etc.

An interior architect will do a number of things to address a project. They will need to familiarise themselves with the structural specifics of a building, as well as the lifestyle choices of the property owner. Based on this considerations, the interior architect will offer a re-modelling project that’s aligned with construction specifics and the end results being sought.

Like home renovation contractors, Interior architects need to have a very good understanding of construction and the technical characteristics of each material being used. The aim is to maintain the structural integrity of the space while optimising and personalising it.

What Is Interior Design?

Interior design puts emphasis on function and aesthetics without having such a strong connection to changing structural or construction characteristics of the space. An interior design team may still decide to get rid of a wall in order to maximise space or select a certain kind of window/door. The work to be done, however, isn’t that encompassing.

An interior designer focuses on space planning and creating a cohesive home décor concept. They employ the various principles of design to achieve both functional and visual appeal.

In some instances, interior designers may work with contractors to change certain aspects of the living space. Often, however, the work doesn’t require construction or structural changes.

To put it in simple terms, an interior architect could work as an interior designer, as well. An interior designer, however, cannot approach home renovations in a way that an architect does. Both education and licensing will be required for the purpose.

Do You Need Interior Design or Interior Architecture Work?

The answer to that question depends on the specifics of the building you live in and the end goal of the home renovation project.

If you’d like to improve aesthetics and functionality without going through major construction changes, interior design work is the one you should be pursuing.

Electrical and plumbing changes, as well as significant structural changes in the living space will necessitate the involvement of an interior architect. This is especially important for major transformations that could potentially compromise the safety of the space or even the building itself.

There are specific requirements and regulations pertaining to construction work and structural changes. You need a professional and a team of contractors who understand these legal requirements and are capable of delivering on the basis of these specifications.

Some types of construction changes will also necessitate a permit from authorities before the work can begin. Teams that have experience in this realm know what documentation will be required and they can offer assistance in this aspect of initiating the project, as well.

How Interior Design and Interior Architecture Projects Are Executed in Singapore

The definitions and specifics mentioned above pertain to the general professions of interior designers and interior architects.

When speaking about Singaporean home renovation projects, we need to address a couple of local specifics that determine how the work is going to be handled.

HDB is the authority that oversees many aspects of interior space redesign and remodelling.

There are various legal requirements and limitations when it comes to what you can and cannot do in your home or business space.

For best results and to eliminate the risk of getting fined, it’s best to hire professionals like Home Guide that are certified and licensed by the HDB.

You can find information about HDB licensed contractors and interior designers on the HDB website itself.

Choosing such professionals for your job will let you enjoy a number of important benefits. For a start, you’ll be confident in the team’s ability to deliver the changes that you want without breaking regulations. Also, the approach will allow you to make the most of the living space within the limits of what’s possible.

Licensed teams also understand the regulatory framework and all of the steps that have to be undertaken, including the preliminary work and the finishing touches after the project has been completed. If you are considering a major kind of renovation that involves lots of transformations, choosing HDB-licensed professionals is the only way to go.

Home Guide’s team possesses such licensing. We’re capable of executing home décor upgrades, as well as much more complex reconstruction projects.

Contact Home Guide now if you’re looking for ways to take your home to the next level!

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