Window Display Design: Turning Heads and Making People Enter Your Store

Window Display Design: Turning Heads and Making People Enter Your Store

Consumer shopping decisions will often be heavily influenced by the window display design. Numerous studies suggest that merchandise-focused displays act favourably when it comes to potential buyers making a decision about whether to enter the store or not. On the other hand, abstract displays are often seen as confusing and they don’t always benefit from a positive response.

Your window display is telling the world who you are, what you stand for and how your brand presents itself in the grand scheme of things.

Since the importance of this first display is so prominent, you can’t leave the design to chance. Working with a professional retail interior design professional in Singapore is the best way to yield the desired results. They will recommend some of the key elements, as well as the layout that will provide an observer with sufficient information (and potentially provoke a desire or a curiosity).

It’s Always Good to Tell a Story

The problem with most window displays is that they simply present products. There’s no context and there’s no link to the message that the respective brand carries.

Experienced Singapore interior design professionals will inquire about your brand, your brand identity elements, colour scheme, the profile of potential buyers and the values or emotions that the respective display is going to carry.

The types of products and their uses will also have to be taken in consideration.

Based on this information, a story can be developed via the window display. It will no longer contain just the products or mannequins. Accessories, textures and colours will be utilised to make the presentation more exciting and attractive.

A window display will first be sketched and the placement of each element will be determined. There should be one focal item and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a product. The story will revolve around this one item and many prominent products could be used to create a comprehensive vision.

Window Display Design Always Tell A Story Retail Design

Base the Display on the Shape and the Size of the Window

A reputable interior design company will do one more thing before getting started with work on the window display – they will go outside the shop to get a better idea about the size and the shape of the display area. The surrounding context and other nearby window displays will also have to be considered.

Going outside shows what is going to be located at eye level for passers-by. This is where the focal point of the display should be.

Depending on the position of the window, a designer will also get to determine whether it’s a good idea to have items suspended in the air or hanging from the ceiling. Occasionally, such decisions will not make a lot of sense due to limited visibility.

Finally, the exterior will show how big the display should be and what’s the perfect size for every element. Oversized accessories could make the window appear cramped and they’ll also disable the products from standing out.

Window Display Design Based On Shape Size of Window Retail Design

Lights, Lights, Lights!

Even the best of window displays will fail in the challenging task of attracting potential customers in the absence of proper light.

Light is an integral part of every Singapore interior design project, whether it be office interior design or residential. It highlights the elements that the designer deems most important, it sets the mood and it also allows for the exploration of details.

Very often, standard lights will be used in window displays. The reason is simple – the display will not be created by a professional or the lights will be picked in an attempt to cut costs.

Such a decision can end up costing the business quite a lot in the long run.

Investing in specialised light is a great idea. Lights don’t play a role solely during the dark hours. They can enhance both the theme and the emotions you want to convey through the presentation of your products. Colour, brightness and placement of the lights will act as yet another interior design element that will tell a comprehensive story.

Window Display Design Lighting is important

Bold is Good but Keep it Clean

Inexperienced window display designers could commit yet another serious mistake – attempting to accomplish too much.

A very complex and detailed presentation may result in visual clutter and chaos. An observer will have no idea what the focal point is, they may become confused and disengaged.

Instead of trying to fit everything but the kitchen sink in a single shop window, you should opt for a few bold but simple elements. Choose meaningful items that work well together. Once a person enters the store, they will get an opportunity to do some much more thorough exploration.

Research suggests that store windows featuring fewer key products or best sellers perform better than those that come with a cornucopia of options. When working with your retail interior design professional, think about who you are and what you’re trying to tell the world. Based on these questions, you can determine the focal points that will maintain a clean and modern design.

Avoid the Clichés

There’s a simple reason why clichés are so widespread – they’re comfortable and familiar.

When it comes to impressing passers-by, comfortable and familiar isn’t going to cut it.

Stay away from some of the most common retail clichés when working on the window display design. Heart-covered decorations for Valentine’s Day, for example, aren’t going to impress anyone. Instead, attempt to represent and interpret love in a completely new and unexpected way.

A window display gives the world a glimpse into your retail business. How would you like to be perceived – as a trend setter or yet another safe but bland option?

Hiring professionals for the design of your window display makes sense because you will be investing in the enforcement of your brand identity. Singapore interior design companies like Home Guide have extensive experience and a fresh approach towards retail projects. Please contact us today to find out more and begin brainstorming the best window display ideas for your shop.

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