Year End Review: Top 5 home interior design styles in 2017!

Year End Review: Top 5 home interior design styles in 2017!

What style you choose to implement in your HDB home interior design always defines the face of your home. Whether it is the clean, crisp lines of minimalism or the flamboyant vibrancy of the contemporary style, it all ends up defining the ambiance of your space.

Selecting the right theme/style is a very personal matter. Many people take to Instagram and Pinterest and collect a number of photos, which are then handed over to the designer as an inspiration. But in order to maintain a holistic aesthetic for your interior design in Singapore, it is always recommended that you select a single style, and then use various design elements from it.

Since interior design styles are quite a linchpin in order to even start the interior design process, today we’ll be listing the top 5 that have been trending in Singapore in 2017.


Practical yet aesthetically pleasing, the Scandinavian style is characterized by the efficient combination of wood and whites. This style focuses on practicality without ever compromising the visuals, and this quality is what attracts residents all over Singapore to embrace it in their HDB interior designs. The Scandinavian style embraces a high dose of nature and artfully merges it with suave, modern accents. It’s one of the top trending interior design styles in Singapore at the moment!

Vintage Industrial

The vintage industrial style consists of part retro and part industrial accoutrements. From raw finishes with exposed brick walls, grainy textures, distressed wooden features and more, to the finely curated vintage paraphernalia and accessories, each and everything works in tandem to create a nostalgic yet edgy ambience. It’s the perfect style if you’re looking for trendy with a side of edge.


The traditional style is understated yet upscale at the same time – a combination that never fails to keep the eye engaged and the ambience comfortable. Furthermore, the traditional style emphasizes on a small amount of detailing – like wainscoting, classical wall art and even grand chandeliers – which adds a lot of interest in the HDB interior design as a whole. Its emphasis on a neutral color scheme is soft lighting also ensures a comfortable atmosphere. It’s elegant, classy and sophisticated – the perfect trifecta that attracts many Singapore residents.


Eclectic is basically a combination of various interior design styles in a single space. It can be challenging to implement without seeming very helter-skelter in aesthetic. The eclectic style is pretty popular in Singapore because people tend to want to articulate a number of internet-inspired design elements in a single space, and the eclectic style is the perfect way to do so. It allows the artful amalgamation of various techniques, materials and design styles in a single HDB interior design unit, which has made it an instant winner in Singapore.


Many would say that minimalism was more of a lifestyle rather than an aesthetic. To some extent that is definitely true, but new homeowners in Singapore seem to be embracing this aesthetic with vigour anyway. It is characterized by clean lines, decluttering and the use of less material objects in the space. It is the perfect style to implement in small HDB interior design because its clean visuals tend to make the space look spacious – which is always a plus in the context of homeownership in Singapore.

Each year, there are a new crop of interior design trends to look forward to, and we at Home Guide Designs always keep on top of it. Our team is well-acquainted with every passing trend, and will surely consult you accordingly.

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