Your Dream New Hougang RiverCourt BTO Home Visualized by Home Guide

Your Dream New Hougang RiverCourt BTO Home Visualized by Home Guide

Hougang RiverCourt is yet another residential BTO project that HDB intends to launch for the purpose of encouraging green living.

Filled with spacious BTO units, Hougang RiverCourt will provide the basics required for comfortable, modern and cost-efficient existence. Regardless of the number of family members belonging to your household or the size of the flat you’ve purchased, the Hougang RiverCourt BTOs provide all the essentials needed for a perfect BTO home interior design and renovation project.

The estimated TOP date for Hougang RiverCourt was reached in the beginning of September 2020 but due to the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period, there has been some delay. As per the latest information, the new date is set for the beginning of March 2021. Currently, the project is at the 93 per cent completion stage and the finish line is obviously within reach.

This means the moment is ideal for the planning and conceptualisation of the BTO flat’s brand new home interior design. If you’re eager to have all aspects of the upgrade discussed and finalised in advance, you can count on some reliable assistance from Home Guide.

Hougang RiverCourt: Project Overview

HDB’s Hougang RiverCourt project consists of 19-storey buildings that house 285 units. The BTO flats are larger – 4-room, 5-room and 3Gen apartments. In addition, the project will be integrated with a neighbourhood centre, it will brag a spectacular roof garden and a viewing deck displaying the beauty of the Serangoon Reservoir.

Environmentally-friendly living is the main focus of the project.

For this purpose, a number of features were carefully executed. Hougang RiverCourt brags separate chutes for recyclable waste, motion sensors that control lights in the common areas, regenerative lifts that bring down electricity consumption, bathroom eco-pedestals for water conservation, bicycle stands and facilitations for car sharing schemes among others.

The neighbourhood centre is another characteristic worth paying attention to. It will offer an array of recreational and communal areas like children’s playgrounds, fitness spots, rest shelters, seats and pergolas.

Finally, a multi-storey car park will be available for added convenience.

A 3 gen flat brings large families together. As such, the property needs to be functional and it should offer all of the inhabitants some privacy. We have put together an interior design idea bound to make everyone happy.

Our concept for a 4-room BTO flat at Hougang RiverCourt is simple, yet brilliant. We put emphasis on both convenience and visual appeal. A lot of work and love went into the creation of the perfect child’s room – a place that encourages learning, relaxation and creativity.

Finally, we did our best to utilise all of the space that comes with a 5-room flat. Natural colours, natural materials and modern art result in a fresh, clean vibe that most large families will enjoy.

Our 3D project visualisations will give you a good idea of what we envision. Needless to say, this isn’t the only opportunity for upgrading your BTO flat. Based on your idea for the perfect home, we can modify the visualisation to incorporate your preferences and make them stand out.

A Hougang RiverCourt Home Made Just For You

Planning your new home is one of the most exciting life phases you’ll ever go through.

This is why you should never rush the execution and you should also put the task into reliable hands.

We see the opportunities that come with a modern project like Hougang RiverCourt. We are excited about the possibilities and the many different directions in which BTO flat design can be taken.

Whether you have an idea for your flat or you’re completely clueless about getting started with a renovation, we will be able to help. All it takes is a first consultation in which we’ll learn more about you, what you like, what your lifestyle is and what renovation budget works best for you.

The first consultation will also result in a HomeAlive 360-degree design interactive tour that will show exactly what your flat is going to look like after the work is finalised.

Contact us today to get started or check out our residential portfolio for a better idea of what we can do. We also have a range of BTO promo packages that were created especially to make budget-friendly executions possible.

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