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Minimal Style Interior Design For Your Singapore Home

Minimal Style Interior Design For Your Singapore Home

The minimalist approach to home interior design can add a fresh new look to Singapore’s HDB apartments.

For families moving into a new home, in particular, such a design can help make a style statement – on a budget.

This design essentially maximises the use of light and space to focus on the most basic necessities – creating a truly functional, modern and stylish space.

As such, the main guiding principle is that less is more!

Here, we have outlined some tips to help you achieve the best minimalistic interior design for your Singapore home.

Choose A Neutral Colour Palette

While it is tempting to incorporate a splashes of different colours when designing your new home, a minimal space can only be achieved through a neutral colour palette.

The goal should be to create the illusion of a cleaner look and a neutral colour palette can make your entire space look de-cluttered and spacious.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you opt only for white, creams and beige. When it comes to picking the colour of your wallpaper and furniture, the world is your oyster and there are a range of colours to choose from: think muted greys, suede and cappuccino brown.

It is also a great idea, for instance, to add a comfy leather chair or a vintage coffee table tucked in the corner of your living room.

Focus On Lighting

Lighting is key to your minimalist interior design home in Singapore. To create a sophisticated look, you must focus on bringing in natural light through glass windows or up your gam with candlesticks and sconces.

In other words, while artificial forms of lighting such as art lamps are a good investment to make, creating the perfect minimalistic look means you must focus predominately on natural light.

Glass windows should allow sunlight to accentuate the room and create soft shadows that hide any imperfections. The added benefit of glass windows is that they also add depth to your entire room.

Consider adding interior lights that work in conjunction with sunlight to highlight any empty spaces. This is also a great way to create distractions and shadows in your space.

Similarly, lights in the corners of your rooms can illuminate all the nooks and crannies without being too harsh on the eyes.

Create Space And Texture

If you’re redecorating a space that you’ve already lived in, it’s a good idea to clear everything you don’t need – this includes all the accessories and ornaments on shelves.

Instead, focus on only the bare necessities and leave space between objects – this will make your home appear more spacious and minimalistic.

Remember – the goal of a minimal home interior design is functionality, something that the Scandinavian interior design focuses on.

However, this doesn’t mean that you remove everything; comfort and warmth is still a priority, and you can splurge on cosy textiles such as a mohair blanket and a sheepskin rug.

Similarly, while creating space is important, you must never compromise on texture. Adding clean lines and slanted walls is a great way to do so, while creating a sleek look.

When trying to create clean lines, you can purchase modern looking furniture with classic edges, or contact a professional interior design company. Be careful to arrange your furniture, such as pillows and lamps, asymmetrically to create the illusion of space.

Other ideas include adding a crystal chandelier or a carved headboard to ensure your room has depth and space.

Finally, metal helps create texture without taking attention away from the slanted walls and the neutral colour palette.

Completing an HDB Apartment Renovation on a Budget: 6 Inexpensive Ideas

Completing an HDB Apartment Renovation on a Budget: 6 Inexpensive Ideas

Statistics suggest that the average cost of a four-room HDB apartment renovation is set at 55,000 dollars (including demolition, electrical and plumbing repairs, floor changes, painting, carpentry and the purchase of new appliances).  If such extensive work isn’t going to be taking place, a project can be completed for about 15,000 dollars.

For some families, these amounts may be unachievable. Fortunately, home interior design renovation projects can be completed for less. An experienced residential interior design professional can provide suggestions aimed at giving excellent results while still maintaining a tight budget.

Smart Shopping

One and the same thing could come with significant price differences from one store to the other. Whether you’re looking for fixtures, electrical switches or paint, you should always explore the multiple possibilities that the market has to offer.

Smart shopping does require time and research but in the end, it will save a lot of money.

It’s a good idea to look at products side by side and explore their characteristics. Once you pinpoint the one you’re interested in, look at different retailers and compare their prices. While the differences could be insignificant for certain product categories, other home renovation supplies may cost a lot less when you opt for a specific supplier.

You should also look for discounts and promotional deals. Home renovation suppliers may offer such opportunities on occasions and these will be worth waiting for.

Finally, ask your HDB interior design Singapore professional for a recommendation. Interior designers work with various suppliers and they know how the prices compare. You will get information about the items worth purchasing and the amount you should be prepared to spend on those.

Unfinished and Minimalist Interiors

The scope of the home renovation will be the one factor that’s most determining for the overall cost.

Let your designer know what you’re looking for and how much you can spend on it. Based on this information, they will work on a concept that satisfies the criteria.

Unfinished and minimalist executions tend to be less expensive than more ornate interior renovations. Exposed bricks, for example, eliminate the need for painting and hiring people to do such finishing work.

A minimalist or unfinished interior is also going to be trendy and fairly easy to maintain. These are added benefits that have practical appeal and that will also decrease the cost of freshening things up or cleaning the property.

Reuse and Repurpose

So many old items and supplies can be utilised effectively in the execution of a new project.

Reusing and repurposing is good for the environment, as well as for your wallet. Just think about all of the possible old supplies you can turn in your own furniture. A simple crate can become a coffee table. Storage units and shelves are also easy to make from scratch.

If demolition has to take place, old bricks and other construction materials can be preserved and turned into something new.

Be creative and inventive. Older tiles, wood, slates and glass are materials that can be used time and time again without losing any of their durability or integrity. Even if old tiles have lost some of their original impeccable appeal, they can be renovated and restored. Once again – your interior designer will provide suggestions for such materials and the professionals to hire for the restoration project.

Invest in Fixtures and Other Conservation Products

Sometimes, spending a bit more on the renovation can help you save a lot of money in the long run. This is something to keep in mind when making the calculation.

Water conservation features, window panels that maintain a constant temperature and energy efficient appliances will reduce your utility bills. You will save money on water and electricity and the investment will pay itself off in a relatively short period of time.

If you can, do spend a bit more on energy efficient and conservation options. They are more expensive than their regular counterparts but there’s a reason why. Online calculators can be used for the purpose of determining how much money you’re going to save. Do the math and base the final purchase on this calculation.

If You Can’t Replace it – Hide it!

Even when you really want to carry out a thorough HDB apartment renovation, current finances could make such a project impossible to carry out.

Smart design can be used to hide the things you cannot modernise.

An old sofa can easily be covered with cushions or it can be reupholstered. This way, you will eliminate the need for a new purchase and you will still get a pretty fresh item. The same rule applies to all other old items. An old photo frame can be painted or lacquered. Such a modification will preserve the item in good condition and also improve its appearance.

Art and accessories are excellent tools. These, however, should be used sparingly. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a lot of visual clutter that will take away from the cosiness of the overall execution.

Change the Ambiance with Lighting and Fixtures

Adding new lights to rooms can immediately transform their appearance.

Lighting projects rank among the relatively inexpensive renovations. Even if you have to purchase new fixtures, these will cost a fraction of what other supplies are charged for. In addition, there are dozens of possibilities to explore. These make it easy to bring any interior design concept to reality.

Just like in the case of smart appliances, you can shop for energy efficient light bulbs. These are a bit more expensive but they last a longer period of time and they will also reduce your electricity consumption.

HDB interior design can be modified in a few simple steps. To accomplish such a goal, however, you will have to rely on the right professional team.

Home Guide is an interior design company in Singapore committed to understanding your needs, your ideas and the parameters of the project. Based on this information, we will determine a personalised solution that will be just right for your HDB home. Contact us today to find out more.

Tech Startups and Interior Design: How to Create the Perfect Workspace to Foster Innovation?

Tech Startups and Interior Design: How to Create the Perfect Workspace to Foster Innovation?

Is the workplace environment conductive of innovation? The answer is a reassuring yes. The best of minds need a bit of a boost to unleash their full potential and deliver beyond expectations. This is one of the reasons why commercial interior design is so important.

Tech startups work in a highly specific field. As a result, they need a workspace that corresponds to the needs and desires of professionals in the industry. An experienced Singapore interior design team will know what to focus on when it comes to putting together the perfect office for a baby tech company.

If you want your startup to grow quickly, you need the right workplace conditions. Here are a few of the ways in which you can shape up an ideal tech office for your company.

A Lot of Light

This tip is not specific to the tech industry but it’s so important that it has to be mentioned.

Natural light in the office will enhance the mood of professionals and help them focus on the most pressing tasks. This is why smart designers who specialise in the field of office design look for ways to bring more light inside the room.

The goal can be accomplished in a number of ways. The addition of skylights and windows is one of the best options, if such a project can be executed. It’s also a good idea to rely on reflexive surfaces like mirrored tiles, for example. These will reflect the available natural light, creating a brighter office.

Another great trick when it comes to lightening the mood (literally!) is the selection of the right paint colour for the walls. Light tones like white, beige and cream are perfect for making a gloomy office much more cheerful. High quality shades (also made of light-coloured materials) and minimal curtains are also going to be helpful.

How to Create the Perfect Workspace to Foster Innovation - Natural Lighting

Common Area Design

Common areas play an important role in the world of startups. They enable employees to relax and communicate in informal settings. This is the place where many great ideas are born as a result of casual exchanges.

Spacious design encourages collaboration in the tech startup office. These spaces do not need to be cluttered with furniture or equipment like computers, printers and tablets. Minimalism is an excellent choice for a startup office. Not only will minimalist spaces feel larger, they will also enforce the cool and hip image of the brand.

Even if the office is a small one, it should still feature a common area.

This area could be a small room for chilling out or for group work. If the office has an open-space design, designate a certain corner and use portable dividers to give employees a bit of privacy. A sofa or a settee and a table will be sufficient for the common area.

How to Create the Perfect Workspace to Foster Innovation - Common Area

Industrial Décor or Modern Art?

Innovation is all about forward thinking. This is one of the reasons why many tech startup creators are inspired by contemporary artists and the brilliant minds of today.

While minimalism is a great choice for tech offices, accessories and decorations can still be present to brighten things up.

Modern prints, posters and even abstract art can decorate the walls for the purpose of giving tech geniuses a bit of inspiration.

Startup companies typically feature small teams. It may be a good idea to get the team involved when it comes to the selection of art and accessories. Let everyone express themselves and their affinities. Collaborative efforts will result in a workspace that all team members will enjoy and will love spending a lot of time in.

The common area and the room where meetings with clients/investors occur are the spaces that will benefit the most from the addition of colourful art and accessories.

How to Create the Perfect Workspace to Foster Innovation - Industrial Design

Giving Employees a Bit of Privacy

While open offices are becoming pretty much the norm in the corporate world, it’s still a good idea to give every single team member their own space and a bit of privacy.

Open spaces encourage both communication and collaboration. On occasions, however, workers need to focus and be on their own in order to bring a concept to completion. Clever commercial interior design can be used to give every team member their own space in the context of the open floor design.

There’s no need to have separate cubicles for the purpose. The placement of desks and the use of movable partitions is all that you need to get the job done. Obviously, this goal will be easier to achieve in a bigger office. Even if the space is a small one, however, an experienced Singapore interior design company will know how to make the most of it.

Invest in Good Office Furniture

Just because something is trendy right now does not mean it’s the best option for your tech startup. Invest in furniture that is ergonomic and well-made. The quality is determining because it will keep you from having to replace the furniture too often.

Standing work stations have become quite hot but are they the right choice? If this is something you’re drawn to, you should at least consider hybrid stations. A bit of input on behalf of employees will also be beneficial.

Good chairs that support the back, desks, shelves and cabinets will also be needed. The good news is that the market gives you many options to choose among. All that you have to do is spend some time on acquainting yourself with the possibilities.

Even if you don’t have time to handle the task on your own, you can still get the job done. You’ll simply need to hire the right interior design team to deal with the setting up of the perfect tech company office.

Home Guide is one such team that has decades of experience. We take pride in the work that we do and we put tons of effort into every single project. You can go through our portfolio to get a better idea about what we do and how much we believe in personalisation. If you’re ready to begin working on the perfect tech company office, contact us today and let us know what you’re looking for.

Effective Storage Solutions in a Small HDB Flat

Effective Storage Solutions in a Small HDB Flat

Improving the interior of a small HDB flat without making it look cramped is going to pose certain challenges. This is especially true for individuals who have multiple belongings and who need a significant amount of storage space.

Smart interior design in Singapore is about functionality and overcoming such typical challenges. The right HDB interior design Singapore company will have suggestions that will lead to the effective creation of additional storage space without producing clutter.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

This one is a no-brainer – multi-purpose furniture is an excellent choice for a small HDB flat.

The market features numerous beds that come with a storage drawer underneath, sofas that have the same features and cabinets that double as tables and even beds. Choosing the right smart furniture is entirely dependent on the amount of space.

Under-bed storage can actually provide as much space as a small closet. At the same time, the number of furniture pieces in the bedroom will be reduced to make it appear roomier.

There are even loft beds that transform into walk-in closets. Sky is the limit when it comes to transformative furniture pieces. If you can’t find a certain idea on the market, you can easily have it custom-made. Set the budget in advance and let your interior designer know. This right interior design professional has an extensive knowledge of the furniture market. Based on this information, you’ll get multiple suitable suggestions to pick among.

Effective Storage Solutions in a Small HDB Flat - Bed with Storage

Making Use of Places That Cannot Be Utilised in Any Other Way

Certain spots in the HDB flat cannot be utilised in any way. If you have a staircase, for example, you can turn the space under it into a storage area – that is if you lucky enough to own a HDB executive maisonette. The same applies to the spaces above doors, the corners, the space underneath the bathroom sink.

Spots that typically remain empty can carry shelves and cabinets. These may have to be custom-made but you will get extra storage space without taking away from the roominess of the interior.

For best results, you may want to opt for minimalist bare shelves. While these give you a chance to store certain items, they aren’t as bulky as cabinets. Such simple and minimalist shelves/storage solutions are becoming increasingly trendy.

Effective Storage Solutions in a Small HDB Flat - Storage under the sink

Vertical Rather Than Horizontal Storage

This is another important interior design principle for small apartments. When rooms are relatively tiny, you should look for vertical rather than horizontal storage solutions.

Stacking shelves on top of each other is the simplest example of this approach. Floor space is limited but the wall can be used from top to bottom. Shelves can span the entire height, especially if the wall is not utilised in any other way.

The same applies to cabinets and other storage solutions. You can fill those with items but you can also make use of the space on top of them. Storing something on top of a cabinet or a closet is an easy task (just go for items that you will not need too often because the retrieval may be challenging). Alternatively, a shelf or a cabinet can be put on top of the closet to make use of the full height of the storage area.

Effective Storage Solutions in a Small HDB Flat - Vertical Storage

A Two in One Closet/Room Divider

Interior design professionals know that the use of separators can create more intimate spaces. They can also be utilised to isolate a certain part of the flat from another. If such dividers are to be used, they can double as storage spaces.

A stand-alone closet can be put in the middle of the bedroom to create some privacy, especially if there are multiple occupants. Such custom-made pieces act as movable screens. They can be moved around to an area where they are required and they also have some storage space inside.

In a sense, such pieces are similar to multi-purpose furniture. Instead of having two functions, however, they have one function and they also act as a part of the interior design.

Clever room dividers can be painted in beautiful colours to create visual appeal and they do not have to be intimidatingly large in order to accomplish both goals. Talk to your Singapore interior design company about it and the two of you will determine whether the particular solution is a good one.

Effective Storage Solutions in a Small HDB Flat - Divider and Storage 2 in one

Using the Ceiling for Storage – Is That Even Possible?

There isn’t enough storage space on the floor of your HDB apartment? In such instances, you may want to turn your attention to the ceiling.

Ceiling storage is a real thing. Various companies already manufacture ceiling storage units and these can also be custom-created on order.

Bikes can be ceiling mounted to take up less space. The same applies to floating shelves for document archives and family memorabilia you don’t need to take out too often. Additional bedroom supplies like pillows, sheets and blankets can also be ceiling stored.

Functional Small Apartment Design Has to Be Smart

Working with the right Singapore interior design company on the creation of additional storage space for your small apartment will yield the result you are hoping for.

An interior design professional will take a look at the flat, the number of rooms and the area. The specifics of the interior space will also be taken in consideration to determine which storage solution will produce the best outcome.

In addition, an interior designer can use several approaches alongside each other for the creation of the most additional storage space. These are just some of the reasons why partnering up with an experienced team on the execution of the task makes so much sense.

The Home Guide team understands the specific characteristics of small HDB flats. We have worked on multiple such projects in the past and we’re confident in our ability to transform your living space. Just take a look at our portfolio to find out more about our work and style.

If you are ready to transform your HDB flat, you should get in touch with us today! We’ll be more than happy to get to know you better and to suggest the interior design improvements that will help you meet your goals.

Why Minimalist HDB Apartment Design Makes so Much Sense

Why Minimalist HDB Apartment Design Makes so Much Sense

Would you like to have a clean and spacious living space? If so, interior design minimalism is one of the trends to follow. Residential interior design comes in many shapes and sizes – from highly ornate to clean, nearly sterile. Minimalism is perfect for small HDB apartments, as well as for people who prefer a clutter-free interior.

A minimalist HDB renovation in Singapore is an excellent idea if you’re looking to experience certain living space benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages.

Effortless Maintenance

Imagine having dozens of knick-knacks on shelves and desks throughout the apartment. All of them will accumulate dust, not to mention the fact that the amount of time needed for proper cleaning will increase exponentially.

Minimalist homes are very popular in Singapore because of the easy maintenance linked to them. Cleaning a home that’s clutter-free and streamlined will necessitate much less time than dealing with an ornate interior.

Unnecessary ornaments will only stand in the way. You probably have at least one friend or a family member known for an extensive collection of small items, souvenirs, arts and accessories. While these may be adding some colour and charm to the home, they can turn cleaning into a massive, day-long nightmare.

Minimalist design isn’t only about being clutter-free. It also comes with functionality and ergonomic lines. This is another key way in which maintenance will be simplified. Small and ergonomic furniture pieces will be a lot easier to move around, plus the surfaces are going to be much easier to dust off.

Timeless Appeal

Home interior design Singapore professionals can easily outline the trends that are hot today and the ones that have already become outdated.

Certain interior design concepts have a timeless appeal. Minimalism is one of them. Your home will look as attractive five years from now, as it does today.

Minimalism is classic, clean and stylish. There’s a lot of sophistication in functional furniture and a few elegant, striking accent pieces.

If you want to maintain a chic home in the long-run, a minimalist interior design is one of the options to pursue. The primary aim of minimalism is to create a clutter-free, stress-free living space. You will enjoy it in the long run if these are your main priorities as far as home design goes.

Health Improvements

Yes, it may seem ludicrous but the truth is that the inside of your home can make you sick.

Apart from collecting dust, knick-knacks will also harbour allergens. People who are prone to allergic reactions and asthma sufferers will benefit from minimalist interior design a lot. The same applies to small children and the elderly.

Clutter in the home can lead to stress and anxiety. The long-term exposure to chronic stress is never a good thing as it may lead to issues like hypertension and even obesity.

This example takes it a step too far but if you lead a dynamic, hectic lifestyle, the last thing you need is a home that stresses you out. Minimalism is clean and relaxing. You have a lot of room to “breathe” and relax in the end of the busy day.

Additionally, minimalist designs usually involve the use of primary, light colours. These are great for adding more brightness into a living space. There are dozens of clinical studies suggesting that colour can have an impact on mood and psychological wellbeing. A minimalist design executed in white, beige or light blue will help you relax and help more invigorated.

A Home That’s Inexpensive to Maintain

Let’s take a look at another practical benefit of minimalist interior design – it will make your HDB apartment more cost-efficient. Bills could potentially reduce, helping you save some money on your living space.

There are several reasons why HDB minimalist apartments are less expensive to maintain than other living spaces.

For a start, the number of accessories and accent pieces is very small. Thus, you will be saving money during the home renovation and redecoration process itself.

In addition, minimalist homes usually employ smart appliances and technologies. These items consume smaller amounts of electricity due to their energy-saving features. If you want to reduce your environmental footprint while also bringing down utility bills, minimalism will be the way to go.

Finally, a minimalist home features solely the essentials as far as both furniture and appliances go. Just think about the numerous items and gadgets that we use on a daily basis due to habit. Many of these items do not contribute to lifestyle improvements. Getting rid of them will enhance the quality of the living space while also making it less expensive to maintain in an optimal condition.

How to Create the Perfect Minimalist HDB Apartment?

Interior design choices for your Singapore apartment will depend on a number of factors.

The size and the location of the building are two of the primary concerns. Your preferences will also matter and the same will apply to the budget that can be dedicated to the renovation project.

The first and the most important thing you will have to do is look for the right Singapore interior design company. Such professionals have years of experience, dozens of satisfied clients and a strong awareness of minimalist projects.

Experienced interior designers will help you find out the furnishings and materials that are both low-maintenance and environment-friendly. You’ll be provided with tips on the selection of the right colour scheme, accent pieces, appliances and textiles. Minimalist interior design is about balance, functionality and comfort at the same time. Accomplishing all of these goals can be tricky in the absence of professional help.

Do you have a minimalist interior design project in mind? Would you like to transform your living space? Do not hesitate to contact the Home Guide team today. We will be more than happy to learn a bit more about your goals and to suggest the renovations that will give you the best possible outcome.

Can Minimal be Comfortable as Well?

Can Minimal be Comfortable as Well?

Minimalism is one of the most widespread interior design styles in the prevalent Singapore market. Its focus on decluttering and clean design is what attracts most people to this aesthetic. There is something inherently modern and psychologically soothing about this design style that has more and more people emulating it in their HDB renovations. But the question critics ask the most is; can minimal be comfortable as well?

Since there is always a stark austerity in the minimal aesthetic, many claim to know if their home interior designs might end up visually or physically uncomfortable. The quick answer to that query is a definite, firm no. Minimalism is a completely Zen style that prioritizes the physical and psychological comfort of its users. Let’s look at all the ways a minimal style interior design can be comfortable as well.

Earthy tones

The minimal style of interior design uses rich, earthy tones which have the utmost soothing effect on the human psyche according to colour psychology. They are reminiscent of nature, which instantly puts the human mind at ease. Coupled with the clean styling that is characteristic of this particular style, these earthy tones can make the spaces feel extremely comfortable and cozy.

The psychological impact of less clutter

Many people in the contemporary generation are unintentional hoarders. From clothes to nostalgic accessories, there a quite a few possessions that we’re unable to let go of. The concept of minimalism dictates that you should get rid of all the possessions that are not in immediate use and the impact is instantaneous.

Getting rid of all that physical clutter has a completely positive effect on the human psyche. It is relaxes the mind by literally sweeping away all the things that have been weighing down our psyche. You might not notice it, but it is always there. This is one of the top reasons Singapore residents choose the minimal style for their home interior designs.

The importance of clean design

Clean design is an inherent part of minimal style aesthetic. It capitalizes on the idea of decluttering and emulates a truly simple aesthetic. There is zero ornamentation, which increases the earnestness of the overall ambience. It is also easier to inoculate such an aesthetic in your HDB renovations – they cost less, but have a bigger, better impact. This clean vibe also makes the overall space seem infinitely stylish and timeless. All of this has a soothing effect on the human psyche, which makes such homes more comfortable to live in.

Emphasis on functionality

Form over function, or function over form has always been a great dilemma in the design world. But the concept of minimalism transcends such a query and delivers the best form with an emphasis on function. The clean, clear-cut lines used in this style are not only timeless, but also crisp and pragmatic. There is nothing fussy or overwhelming about this aesthetic. Function is the major ornamentation, which can make the home interior design just that much more sophisticated and easy to use at the same time.

Home Guide Designs is one of the oldest and experienced firms in the Singapore interior design market. We’ve seen the evolution of the minimal aesthetic within the context of this country, and can definitely help you get the best of this style with our HDB renovation package.