Waterfall Countertops: Is the Trend Worth Embracing?

Waterfall Countertops: Is the Trend Worth Embracing?

Who wouldn’t want to have the perfect, modern and tremendously functional kitchen? Even if you’re not that keen on meal prep, a streamlined kitchen design can still be important. It will inspire, bring the family together and cater to the needs of the busy urban professional.

If you’re researching kitchen design ideas right now, you may have come across a trend called waterfall countertops. Waterfall countertops have turned into a craze since 2020 and they’re still around. Many interior designer companies swear by those and recommend it to their clients.

So what exactly is a waterfall countertop and what makes it so popular? Let’s find out!

What Exactly is a Waterfall Countertop?

home interior design trends Waterfall Countertops whatr is it

A traditional countertop ends abruptly and the edges are sharp.

Waterfall countertops have the material extending vertically down (hence the name). A typical waterfall countertop has the granite, quartz or other materials used for the horizontal surface going all the way down to the floor.

The rationale behind waterfall countertops is easy to understand. The design ensures continuity and makes the piece a lot more seamless. They’re a good choice for work surfaces, as well as for kitchen islands.

Waterfall countertops are also easier to clean and maintain (in some instances, they’re even considered completely maintenance-free). As a result, a waterfall countertop can be expected to last many years and be a lot more durable than a standard one.

Is This a Design Fad?

Will waterfall countertops eventually die off as a fad that’s simply not capable of standing the test of time? We believe such an outcome is unlikely.

If done well, a waterfall countertop can be both visually effective and functional. It adds to the practical appeal of the piece, which is why many people embrace the trend. While its popularity will probably decrease somehow in the years to come, the waterfall countertop is here to stay.

One thing you need to keep in mind about this idea is that a waterfall countertop necessitates more material. As such, it will be more expensive to execute. This is one fact that will have a definite impact on the popularity of such countertops. It’s also important to understand, however, that the design maximises durability. As such, it ensures an excellent return on investment.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind about Waterfall Countertops

So, you’re sold on the idea and you’re keen on executing a waterfall countertop. There are a few important things to keep in mind when working on such a kitchen element.

Choosing Materials

For a start, there are a few materials that work really well for the creation of a waterfall countertop.

The right material should look good, it shouldn’t be too heavy and it will need to be easy to sanitise. Granite, quartz and travertine are all excellent choices. The same applies to synthetic and engineered materials created to replicate the appearance of natural stone. Such materials are a lot lighter while also being tremendously durable. As such, they can make the extension easier to execute.

Luckily, there are also a few unorthodox choices that have become popular materials with the rise of the waterfall countertop trend. Concrete and wood are two such materials. Both of them can be sealed for easy cleaning. In addition, the materials can be employed for the execution of a DIY project. If you do a quick online search, you’ll come across numerous such projects that look good and super original.

Choosing the Fabricator

Next, you will need to choose the right fabricator to execute the waterfall countertop for you. Typically, such pieces are custom-made. They need to have specific dimensions in order to match the size and scale of your kitchen. You may also have additional requirements concerning the waterfall element, which is why a custom piece becomes necessary.

You’ll need to ask a few questions in order to come by the right fabricator. The stone cutting technique they employ is important. It’s also vital to ask about the types of materials that they work with and where stone is sourced from.


Finally, decide if the countertop is going to have additional functions or if it’s just going to serve its main purpose. Some waterfall countertops double as islands and as such, they need to have enough space for seating. Alternatively, you may want to consider incorporating some cabinetry into the design to maximise the availability of storage space. If storage is a priority, you can cover the sides of the countertop partially, which creates a dynamic and fun design.

Waterfall countertops give you elegance and a ton of versatility. They’re perfectly matched to a modern kitchen interior. And they will work amazingly well in your home when executed right. Contact Home Guide now and our home interior design team will help you with design and conceptualization, our home renovation team will  execute a beautiful kitchen that includes a waterfall kitchen counter top. We’ll make sure that the end result is cohesive, polished and personalised to meet every single preference you have for your living space.

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