5 Ways To Make Your HDB Flooring More Interesting

5 Ways To Make Your HDB Flooring More Interesting

Flooring is quite possibly the most understated part of an HDB interior design. It often gets overlooked for the other, bigger counterparts that make up a home interior design. However, it is important to understand the importance of a good floor. From materials to finish and even patterns, the flooring determines what the overall impact of your interior design actually is. It has to match the style and aesthetic of your walls and ceiling in order to give off a holistic ambience. If the floor doesn’t properly match the rest of the interior design, your entire HDB might end up looking mismatched and out-of-order. Below, we’ll be sharing 5 ways you can make your floor more interesting.

Custom tile patterns

Not many home owners are aware of this, but you can definitely customize tile patterns to make your HDB interior design more interesting. You can have them cut in personalized patterns that fit in the size and dimension of your space. You can choose various colors or patterns of tiles and have them arranged in either linear or geometric patterns.  For example, if you want to highlight the foyer, then you can have a centralized tile floor in one color and the periphery tile floor in another color. It’s a good way to add contrast in the space.

Large tile features

Usually, people use either 1’x1’ or even 2’x2’ square tiles for their homes. But once in a while, someone wants to have a more homogenous surface to walk around on. In such cases, you can definitely purchase larger tile pieces. They’ll give your floor a more sophisticated and singular look than a more compact tile pattern.

Having a central focus area

You can make you HDB interior design interesting by using different techniques to make the floor stand out. One of these is by creating a step-up pedestal in a centralized area in your HDB. This could be done for either a living room or a dining area. This is a clever hack to create solitary or focused spaces inside an otherwise open floor layout.

Breaking out the vinyl

Vinyl is an affordable alternative for authentic hardwood floors. It’s relatively inexpensive and is available in a number of different grains and textures. Vinyl floors are easy to maintain, and you can easily clean them without much hassle. Their aesthetic is also quite qualitative, and homeowners tend to flock towards this particular floor finish for its easy accessibility.

Going full hardwood

Hardwood floors are the most expensive ones out of the lot. However, they offer an amazing aesthetic and functional value. They’re long lasting and feature some authentic warmth and rustic quality to any interior design.

At Home Guide Designs, we always consider the entirety of your HDB interior design. Our team is well aware of the importance of proper floor finishes and detailing, and we definitely deliver a very holistic end product.

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