Clever 3D Printing Ideas for Your Home Décor

Clever 3D Printing Ideas for Your Home Décor

New technologies have made the impossible possible in many areas, including interior design. One of the most versatile and practical new tech solutions is 3D printing. We’ve touched upon its potential in home décor but we haven’t discussed specific executions yet.

With 3D printing, customised home décor is becoming more affordable and much easier to create. There are many clever ideas that are already a thing in the world of interior design. If you’re thinking about the incorporation of this technology in your brand new project, here are some possibilities.

All Kinds of Art and Statement Pieces

The thing about statement pieces is that they simply can’t look generic in order to stand out. In other words, the posters and prints you find in a home décor shop will never stand the test of time.

With 3D printing, however, you can create outstanding artistic pieces that are original and very often – unique.

You can look for online inspiration. There are entire Pinterest boards dedicated to 3D printed art.3D printed letters, geometric shapes and even entire sculptures can add some modernity to the artistic aspects of your home décor.

Many artists already use 3D printers to put together their new pieces in a modern, unexpected way. If you have an idea, you can also commission to creation of such a statement piece. With 3D printing, you can be as bold or as intricate and elaborate as you’d want to be. There are absolutely no limitations, meaning your statement pieces will be a perfect match to the style tone you’ve chosen.

Lamps and Light Fixtures

Lightweight and modern light fixtures are also being 3D printed instead of manufactured using other technologies.

The cool thing about 3D printed lamps, chandeliers and fixtures is that they can be executed in any style. At the same time, the technology makes such pieces much more affordable than an original vintage item belonging to a certain era.

3D printed lamps and fixtures are lightweight and very easy to install. They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With 3D printing, you can also see the introduction of textures and details that can be very difficult to accomplish when other materials or construction methods are being utilised.

Vases, Plant Holders, Flower Mounts

Tradition and modernity come together with 3D printed plant holders. Gardening is such a traditional craft and most of the pots used for the purpose have a fairly classic look.

With 3D printing, plant holders have been fast forwarded to the next century.

Minimalist, honeycomb designs and even self-watering pots are very easy to make using the technology. In fact, numerous furniture and accessory designers are already employing this kind of printing to make their vases and plant mounts.

The material used in 3D printing is fully waterproof, a characteristic that makes it ideal for the intended use. its lightweight nature also makes the containers made of it very easy to mount on a wall or outside on a balcony.

Storage Units and Solutions

We can’t ignore some of the larger, more practical home décor elements that can be constructed via 3D printing.

Storage is usually a big problem in an urban flat. Many HDB homes tend to be small, lacking enough space for the use of traditional storage solutions.

Luckily, 3D printing comes to the rescue.

3D printed storage can be custom-created to match the needs of a homeowner and the size of the flat. Very often, these storage units are foldable or stackable to increase their practical appeal even further. additionally, if you have an oddly-shaped space that you’d like to have your storage units contained in, 3D printing will be the best technology for you. It can be used to create virtually any shape or size of a container.

Modular Units and Accessories

Modular solutions are the rage right now because they allow for so much personalisation. With 3D printing, the creation of modular units has become a lot more affordable and faster than it’s been in the past.

One example of such a creation is a modular kitchen backsplash. The individual tiles fit into each other and you get to decide how big and tall the backsplash is going to be. Given the modular nature of the design, you can also create unusual shapes that look more artistic or that deliver more practicality than regular backsplashes.

Stackable modular drawers, modular geometric planters and even modular 3D printed furniture are also readily available on the market.

All Kinds of Kitchen Accessories

From a salt shaker to measuring spoons, refrigerator organisation boxes, coffee pod holders and paper towel dispensers, 3D printing can be used to create most of the popular/practical kitchen accessories every household needs.

Even gadgets are already being made using the 3D printing technology. The market already has a 3D printed citrus press, juicer, garlic press, egg cracker and even an intricate sushi maker.

The technology has a massive potential and new solutions created via 3D printing will continue popping up all the time.

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